Blue Demon RBCUZN-C 1/16 (.063) Low Fuming Bronze (Bare) Tig Rod (1 lb)

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Blue Demon RBCUZN-C 1/16 (.063) Low Fuming Bronze (Bare) Tig Rod (1 lb)

Blue Demon Low fuming bronze (bare and flux coated) is a general-purpose, copper base alloy brazing rod used extensively for gas brazing steel, copper alloys, cast iron, nickel alloys and stainless steel. Its low fuming characteristic and good mechanical properties make this alloy a widely used general-purpose product. Preheating is recommended for some applications and a bronze brazing flux is required if the rod is not coated. This brazing rod has a low melting point making it easily machinable and excellent for sheet metal work. This alloy also possesses high tensile strength and good ductility.


AWS Specification
AWS A5.8/A5.8M:2011


AWS Classification RBCuZn-C


Typical Wire Chemistry
Si 0.04 - 0.15
Mn 0.01 - 0.50
Al 0.01
Sn 0.80 - 1.10
Fe 0.25 - 1.20
Pb 0.05
Cu 56.0 - 60.0
OTHER 0.50



Typical Physical & Mechanical Properties
Melting point 1630ºF
Solidification 1595ºF
Tensile Strength, ksi 71
Yield Strength, ksi 64
Brinell Hardness 96
Brazing Positions H,V