• Jackson 20501 W60 NexGen - Heavy Metal - Welding Helmet

Jackson 20501 W60 NexGen - Heavy Metal - Welding Helmet

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Jackson 20501 NexGen - Heavy Metal - Welding Helmet 

Jackson Welding Helmet -W60 SERIES 3-N-1 Digital Auto-Darkening Filters: Includes all of the features of the previous series, but the controls are all digital. This gives welders the ability to be even more precise in controlling their settings and empowers the welder with one of the best ADFs in the market!

Jackson 24051 Welding Helmet Specs:


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Jackson NexGen Heavy Metal Welding Helmets Take Every Precaution

The work of welders is one that is a double edged sword. On the one side, welding is a vital technique in many heavy industries. Without it, first world nations like America wouldn’t be able to enjoy the things citizens take for granted. Things like running water, or natural gas pumped into a furnace, or even the buildings people work in, or the ships used to carry goods around the world.

On the other hand, however, welding is unquestionably a dangerous process if not approached with the proper knowledge and respect. The ability to cut metal, or join it together means creating and using forces strong enough to kill a person if not used correctly. The heat alone is lethal, while the light produced by a welder is bright enough to blind unprotected eyes, leading to permanent damage. It’s because of both the necessity and risk of welding that top quality protection is required, which is why we have products like Jackson Nexgen Heavy Metal welding helmet.

Welding Safety & a Whole Lot More With The Jackson 20501

The Jackson Safety series of protective gear for skilled industrial workers is actually a part of the Kimberly-Clark Corporation. Even though most people are more familiar with that company for producing cleaning, paper and sanitary products like the famous Kleenex brand, they didn’t just stop there. They’ve branched out into many areas of well-being and wellness, which is why Jackson Safety shouldn’t be so surprising.
Just looking at the name, “Jackson Safety,” you can see why they are a valued company. For many years, they’ve made it their goal to ensure that the skilled workers in the heavy industries can work efficiently, comfortably, and, most important of all, in safety. Even under new ownership, they continue to present effective products for workers, like Nexgen Heavy Metal welding helmet.

NexGen Heavy Metal Welding Helmets Offer A Digital Twist

The Jackson 20501 Nexgen Heavy Metal Welding Helmet has similar specs to other products in this line. So while you’ll still get the same reliable Jackson protection, the newest addition to this product is the switch to all-digital controls, meaning that users now get more precision in adjusting the helmet to their preferred settings for the clearest, safest view.

The Nexgen welding helmet weighs just 1.25 lbs, minus the shell, and the battery in the helmet is estimated to be good for over 800 hours of operation. It includes a grind mode, touch mode and has a delay with four arc sensors. It has an operating temperature range of 25 to 130 degrees, and is both hard hat acceptable and mag lens adaptable, with an adapter built right in. It’s compatible with HSL 100 and HLX shells and is covered by a two year warranty for a little bit more peace of mind in terms of hardware support from the company.

Bargain Prices, Speedy Shipping

The Jackson Safety Nexgen welding helmet makes a great addition to any arsenal of safety gear. If you want it, we can send the helmet to any door in the continental United States. It will arrive safely, and very quickly too thanks to the alliances we have with experienced, reputable shipping partners. Don’t even think about any additional shipping and handling costs. We’ll pay that ourselves as our way of showing appreciation for your decision to support a proud American business.


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