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Plasma Cutters

We offer Miller, Lincoln, and Thermal Dynamics plasma cutters. These three companies have some of the best plasma cutting machines in the business. Whether you are cutting thick or thin metal you can't go wrong with picking one of these plasma machines. Buy one today!

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Get the Job Done Better & Faster With a Plasma Cutter

One of the things that has become more apparent with the passing of time in the world of industry is that technology is important. As new technologies and innovations have come to the scene, we have found new ways to build or construct things that weren’t possible before and found new ways to do an old job faster, better, with fewer people or sometimes all three. One of the best examples of this kind of evolution is the plasma cutter. Once just a figment of science fiction, plasma cutters made their way into industrial use back in the 1980s. However the technology, while powerful and obviously useful, was too expensive for all but the biggest companies to use. Today, however, plasma cutters are available to any skilled tradesmen that needs to use one, and we have quite a few in stock.

The Power of Ions

A plasma cutter applies energy to gas, ionizing it and upgrading it to the “fourth state of matter” which is called plasma. Plasma is very hot, very powerful, and is capable of quickly cutting through materials that would take other cutters a much longer time to do. It is a versatile, powerful technology that has benefited from many years of tweaking, innovation, and miniaturization of parts and technology. Now, what was once a very expensive piece of industrial technology is much more affordable. Perhaps more importantly, it’s also portable. Plasma cutter units are much easier to carry and move around to the site of work, and they work on a variety of different metals to help skilled tradesmen do their job with more precision, more speed, more efficiency and more safety.

The Plasma Cutter Brands You Trust

We carry a variety of different plasma cutters from the major brands, including Lincoln Electric, Miller, and Thermal Dynamics. The units come with different features depending on the make and model and have a range of different prices, with our lowest, entry level model coming in at just over $960. Some of the models we carry are complete “kits” even including their own carrying cases to ensure they are properly protected when stored or moved to make sure they are in perfect shape to work again when the time is right. It’s important when looking at a plasma cutter to align what your material working needs are with the models offered. Premium models are nice to have, but obviously more expensive, though that expenditure is a waste if you don’t really benefit from the features offered. Look at what you need, compare what is offered, and make your choice based on that, then enjoy the results of your own plasma cutter at work.

Fast & Free Delivery

If you want to benefit from the power of a plasma cutter in your work, we can deliver your model of choice to any address in the continental United States. The wait will be short and the condition will be perfect thanks to the alliances we have with trusted shipping partners. You don’t even have to pay for the shipping and handling. We’ll send it to you free of charge as a token of appreciation for your choice to support a proud American business.



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