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  • Norstar N820200TACDC Dual Voltage Input TIG Welder Package
  • Norstar N820200TACDC Dual Voltage Input TIG Welder Package

Norstar N820200TACDC Dual Voltage Input TIG Welder Package

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Norstar N820200TACDC Dual Voltage Input TIG Welder Package


Enjoy all the features and benefits of major brand welders and more with the Coplay Norstar™ line of welders. The T200-ACDC TIG and stick welder package comes ready to weld; simply add shielding gas. It offers squarewave form technology, high frequency, infinite amperage control with an LED meter, AC balance control, and a remote amp receptacle so you can set the machine to your required settings. All Coplay Norstar™ machines are tested in the USA..


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Welding Is Not a One Trick Pony

To the layman’s eye, welding appears to just be a single technique, and that’s applying a lot of heat to materials in order to manipulate those materials. But that’s similar to making the assumption that all engines operate exactly the same way, just because the end result is you see a vehicle move.
Welding uses a lot of different tools and technologies to accomplish some very different goals depending on the project. Welders can cut hard materials, but they can also fuse materials together, and it’s this very versatility that makes it such a mainstay of the heavy industry. But that also means that skilled tradesmen are expected to weld under a variety of different conditions, with different goals in mind. For that extra layer of flexibility, that’s where Coplay Norstar comes in.

Different Names but the Same Commitment to Quality

The Norstar brand is actually one of many smaller companies that are now part of the Inweld family. Inweld is another successful American company that continues to serve local needs all across the United States, as well as the world. They have grown successful enough to keep an eye out for smaller, quality companies and give them the help they need to reach out to the rest of the country and the world.
Coplay Norstar is no different in that regard. This brand started out as a smaller company that was driven by creating quality products at prices that were more affordable. As part of the Inweld family, they are sticking to that initial vision, and they continue to produce products that have premium features from larger, more expensive brands, but without that premium price tag that may put a needed product out of reach. The T200 ACDC welder is just one more example of this.

Personal & Versatile

The Coplay Norstar T200 ACDC welder is built for smaller jobs that still need a lot of flexibility. As the name implies, this is both an AC and DC powered welder, but it also handles TIG and stick jobs as well. If you’ve got a smaller shop that does light industrial work, you need to work with aluminum, or you’re thinking of maintenance and repairs for farm or homework—even personal art/industrial projects—this is a great welder for you.
The Coplay Norstar T200 comes with a TIG torch, work clamp, and cable, electrode holder with cable, input power adapter cable and dual voltage capability. It’s a light unit, weighing just 38 lbs, and has an output DC range of 5-200 amps with an AC range of 12-200 amps. There’s a great range of accessories also available that are compatible with this torch so you can get even more usage out of your equipment.

Timely Shipping, Fantastic Prices

If you want to take advantage of what the Coplay Norstar T200 offers, then we can ship it straight to your door, provided you live somewhere in the continental United States. Your welder will arrive in perfect condition, with no long waiting times thanks to the alliances we have with experienced shipping partners. If you’re worried about the cost of the shipping and handling, then don’t. We’ll take up that expense ourselves and ship it to you free as our way of showing you we appreciate it when people choose to patronize proud American businesses.

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