• Miller Classic TIG Gloves

Miller Classic TIG Gloves (1 Pair)

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Miller Classic TIG Gloves


These Miller Classic TIG Gloves offer welders the best of both worlds. These gloves give welders the protection and dexterity they need to get the job done. Get the best in quality at some of the best prices around with Miller's Classic Series.


Miller Classic TIG Gloves Features:


  • Thin internal padding for added comfort
  • Unlined palm for precise dexterity
  • Sheep grain palm, goat split back, pig split cuff
  • Pre-curved fingers assure an ergonomic fit and maximum comfort
  • Sewn with 100% flame-resistant Kevlar thread for maximum seam strength and protection

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Protect Your Hands with Miller TIG Gloves

It’s no exaggeration to say that one of the great features of the human body that allowed us to rise up as a species and do amazing things has been our hands. The unique configuration of four nimble fingers plus one opposable thumb has made it possible for us to manipulate many aspects of our environment, and eventually start making our town tools.
Because of how often we use our hands at work, play and every other aspect of our lives, it’s easy to forget about them, and how useful they are. But when a hand gets injured, and we are deprived of full use, we quickly come to realize just how important these limbs are for normal, day-to-day life. And that’s why Miller makes sure hands get the right protection in an industrial setting.

Miller Is Here For You

Miller has been working closely with the many heavy industries of America since the 1920s. During that time, they’ve made a lot of advances in both tools and equipment that skilled workers use in order to do their jobs effectively, but, more importantly, in safety. It’s made for many new advancements that have spurred productivity and resulted in a lot of great achievements in industry, construction and many other fields. But at the heart of Miller’s business philosophy is looking out for the people that do the work. It’s important that a person who shows up to the do the job at the start of the day is the same, healthy person at the end of it, and that’s especially true when it comes to the hands. This is why Miller’s classic TIG gloves can be an essential piece of protective gear.

Gloves You Can Count On

Sometimes the best ideas are old ones that stand the test of time. Miller classic TIG gloves are the perfect example of this. As the name implies, the fundamental design and intent of these gloves haven’t changed much over the decades, but numerous improvements have made an old standby just as important today as it was decades ago. These gloves provide the necessary protection against the heat that occurs with welding, but they also provide crucial protection against spatter and other possible debris that may arise.
At the same time, these TIG gloves, while providing heavy protection, don’t critically impair dexterity. A combination of thin internal padding and unlined palm allow workers to retain some nimbleness. Pre-curved fingers and leather from sheep, goat, and pigs ensures a high degree of flexibility, comfort and protection. All of this is reinforced with Kevlar thread for an impressively strong and durable glove that gets the job done.

Good Prices, Quick Shipping

If a pair of classic Miller TIG gloves is going to help you to your job better and safer, we can have it shipped to any address in the continental United States. They’ll arrive quickly, and in perfect condition, because of the alliances, we have with trusted shipping partners. If you’re looking for even more value, you can order more items from us, and any order that totals over $100 gets free shipping and handling. We’ll cover that cost ourselves as our thank you for your continued support of a proud American business.


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