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  • Lincoln K3101-3 Viking® 3350 Mojo™ Welding Helmet

Lincoln K3101-3 Viking® 3350 Mojo™ Welding Helmet

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Lincoln K3101-3 Viking® 3350 Mojo™ Welding Helmet



(Replaces Lincoln K3101-2 Welding Helmet)


The VIKING 3350, is a top-of-the-line helmet series, provides the best optical clarity available in a welding helmet today and the largest viewing area in its class. The 3350 Series offers a pivot style headgear designed for greater comfort and optimal fit. 

  • 4C Lens Technology 
  • Perfect 1/1/1/1 optical clarity rating (EN379)
  • Largest viewing area in the VIKING line 
  • Superior comfort with the pivot style headgear
  • Longer battery life
  • 3 year warranty 



The new 4C ADF Technology improves the performance of the lens in the 4 most important categories to the welder:

  • Clarity - Optical Clarity 1/1/1/1
  • Color - Real Color View 
  • Carat - Light Weight 
  • Cut - Even Shade From Any Angle 

The 4C Lens Technology upgrade to Lincoln Electric's VIKING® welding helmets improves visibility and reduces eye strain by minimizing the traditional lime green in the helmet view screen. 


4C technology is ideal for a range of industries such as general fabrication, power generation, shipbuilding, structural, offshore and pipeline that use multiple welding processes, including Stick, MIG, and TIG. Whatever the task at hand, 4C technology gives you a clear view to productivity and quality. 


BATTERY REPLACEMENT TYPE 1 CR2450 Replaceable Battery
DELAY CONTROL DARK TO LIGHT (SEC) 0.1 - 1.0 Fully Adjustable 
  • DC > 2 Amp
  • AC > 2 Amp
CARTRIDGE SIZE 4.5" x 5.25" (114 mm x 133 mm)
VIEW SIZE 3.74" x 3.34" (95 mm x 85 mm)
  • -10°C - 55°C
  • 14° F - 158° F


  • -20° C - 70° C
  • -4° F - 158° F
    WARRANTY 3 Years


    • Helmet Bag
    • Bandana 
    • Lenses


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    Protect Your Most Valuable Asset

    Welding is a technique of paradoxes. On the one hand, it may be one of the more essential industrial techniques, indispensable for making today’s “digital infrastructure” possible at all, since physical constructs still need to be made. On the other, this is one of the most dangerous techniques tradesmen can undertake.

    However, welding, despite generating lethal amounts of heat, and blinding amounts of light, can still be a very safe activity to undertake. As long as the power at play is respected, and right precautions are taken, even something as delicate as our vision can be safely protected. That’s what the Lincoln Electric Viking™ 3350 Welding Helmet was made for.

    Lincoln Respects Power & People

    The history of Lincoln Electric dates back to 1885 when the company was interested in a different side of the heavy industry. It shouldn’t surprise anyone that with a name like Lincoln Electric, the founder, John C. Lincoln, was at first interested in what electrical motors could do for the industry.

    Over 100 years later, the company is now throughout America and the world for focusing on people, the tools they use and the gear they wear to protect themselves. Our eyes are fragile, and the light from the welding process is blinding. But Lincoln’s line of welding helmets, like the Lincoln Viking™ Welding Helmet, addresses this.

    Premium Welding Helmets from Lincoln

    The Lincoln Electric Viking™ 3350 Welding Helmet is part of the premium line that is also set to replace the venerable K3101-2 line of Lincoln Electric Welding Helmets. This particular helmet goes for a much wilder, more vibrant design, for people that want a bit of personality in their helmets rather than the usual uniform color. If you like graffiti and urban art, you’ll like this helmet design, and it will definitely stand out from the pack as one of the best visibility welding helmets around.

    Functionally, this helmet has all the hallmarks of a Viking 3350. It’s very versatile and can be adapted for hard hat use, as well as magnifying cheater lenses. It has four arc sensors and the largest viewing area in the Viking line. It uses Lincoln’s 4C technology for better clarity, more accurate color representation, lighter weight, and an even shade from any viewing angle. It also manages to reduce possible eye-strain by dramatically cutting down on the lime green tint that affects the viewing area of most welding helmets, making it easier to see detail and gauge color while working. It even includes a bandana, helmet bag, and lenses.

    Zippy Shipping, Fantastic Prices

    If you need a top of the line Lincoln Electric Viking™ 3350 Welding Helmet to get your work done, just place an order with us and we can deliver it to any door in the continental USA. The delivery time will be fast, and the condition will be great thanks to the alliances we have with established, seasoned shipping partners. You won’t even have to pay any additional shipping and handling charges. We’ll take care of that, as a show of appreciation for your support of a proud American business.

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