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Miller 264879 PAPR (Powered Air-Purifying Respirator) with Titanium 9400 Welding Helmet

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Miller 264879 PAPR with Titanium 9400 Welding Helmet


This Miller 264879 PAPR (Powered Air-Purifying Respirator) with Titanium 9400 Welding Helmet makes users feel safe and comfortable no matter what material they're working on. Thanks to the power and performance of this system, the drain and fatigue that usually accompanies weld fumes is no more. Why settle for less when you can get the best with the Miller PAPR. Miller is designed by welders, for welders.


Miller 264879 PAPR with Titanium 9400 Welding Helmet Features:


  • Titanium Series welding helmets are designed to perform in the most intense industrial applications
  • The 9400 features a 9 sq. in. viewing area with 4 independent arc sensors and an external grind control for a seamless transition form welding to grinding
  • Other 9400 features include: digital lens controls, four operating modes (weld, grind, cut, x-mode), Infotrack arc tracking technology, aluminum heat shield to protect the lens in high-temperature applications, and premium headgear
  • Lightweight lithium ion battery provides extended battery life with no memory retention from frequent charging: 4-6 hours on high speed, 6-8 hours on low speed, 500 charges, 3 hour charge time
  • Lightweight, low-profile blower design provides enhanced comfort and unrestricted movement and provides all-day comfort, reducing fatigue
  • Integrated shoulder straps provide a secure fit and equally distribute weight, alleviating lower back strain
  • Audible and vibrating alarms notify users in noisy environments
  • Dual air speeds allow users to adjust the volume of air to maximize comfort in varied work conditions
  • Electronic control automatically adjusts fan speed to keep air flow constant
  • Quick-release belt for easy, one-handed on/off
  • HEPA filter provides 99.97% filtration of airbourne particulate including solid dust particles, metal fumes, and mists
  • Prefilter extends the life of the main HEPA filter
  • Filters provide protection from Hexavalent Chromium (Stainless Steel), Zinc Oxide (Galvanized Steel), Manganese, Aluminum, Nickel, Iron Oxide, Copper, Cadmium, Lead and Beryllium fumes
  • Integrated spark guard protects the filter assembly from large pieces of debris
  • NOISH 42 CFR 84 certified, assigned protection factor of 25

Miller 264879 PAPR with Titanium 9400 Welding Helmet Includes:


  • Titanium 9400 Welding Helmet 
  • Compact Blower Unit
  • (2) HEPA Filters
  • Pre-Filter
  • Spark Guard
  • Breathing Tube
  • Flame-Resistant Breathing Tube Cover
  • Padded Belt
  • Shoulder Straps
  • (2) Lithium Ion Batteries
  • Battery Charger
  • Flowmeter
  • Tool Bag

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Miller Powered Air-Purifying Respirator For Welding In Harsh Conditions

It’s a given that when a skilled worker is given a task involving a welder, there’s already a high amount of risk at play. Normal welding, even under comfortable, controlled conditions in a shop, with protection from the elements, still has real danger. The heat of a welder can inflict enormous damage on the human body, and the light from a welder is beyond the tolerance levels of an unprotected human eye, resulting in permanent damage.
That’s one of the reasons why welding helmets are essential. In addition to overall protection for the face, the eyes get critical shielding from the blinding light. But in some cases, the working conditions may be even more extreme. Another possible side-effect of welding is the fumes produced as a mixture of intense heat and gas interacts with a metal. This can impact breathing, and that’s why the Miller PAPR 9400 welding helmet was made.

Miller PAPR With Titanium 9400 Welding Helmet Makes It Possible

Miller Electric started its business in the 1920s, and is one of the older companies in America to take part in the move towards advanced industrialization for the country and its economy. Over those decades, the company has constantly worked to look at what kinds of jobs American industry needs to complete, and find better ways to achieve that goal.
This means new equipment, new technology and new techniques that can improve the efficiency, speed and range of work that is required. But of course, the one thing that comes first with any improvement to working is improvement to safety and comfort. A tool is only as good as the person that is using it, and a safe, comfortable expert in welding is a valuable investment, which is why the Miller PAPR 9400 welding helmet is such a valuable piece of protective gear.

Breathe & Work Easy With The Miller 264879 PAPR

The Miller Powered Air Purifying Respirator with Titanium 9400 Welding Helmet is the ultimate combination of protection, comfort and safety. For people that work in a setting where fumes can affect health, a powered respirator like the one included here is essential. Integrated shoulder straps make it easy to wear, while smart design and light weight reduce any strain during use. The HEPA filter means 99.97% from particulates, and dual speed control means easy access to breathable air.
The helmet itself is also top quality, with four independent arc sensors and external controls for easily switching from grinding to welding. Digital lens controls allow for four different modes, while infotrack arc tracking technology keeps welders up to date. There’s also an aluminum heat shield to protect the lens from high temperature situations and the premium headgear provides both comfort and protection. This combination of powered air purification and maximum eye protection makes this gear a great solution for demanding work environments where both eyes and lungs may be at risk.

Bargain Prices, Timely Shipping

If you want to add the Miller PAPR 9400 Titanium welding helmet to your arsenal of gear, we’re able to send this equipment to any door in the continental United States. It will arrive in top condition, ready to be used, and with a short wait thanks to the alliances we have with reputable, trusted shipping partners. And there’s no extra charge for shipping and handling! That’s on us, as a show of thanks for your support of a proud American business.


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