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Revco HB Side Split Cowhide Welding Helmet Bib (1 Bib) Quick View

Revco HB Side Split Cowhide Welding Helmet Bib (1 Bib)

$ 3.24 $ 4.70


Revco HB Side Split Cowhide Welding Helmet Bib (1 Bib)     This standard cowhide welding bib provides extra protection against sparks while you wor...

Great Deals on Quality Welding Helmets

When it comes to personal safety gear, welding helmets are often the first accessory you think of - and rightfully so, you can’t really weld without one! For optimal job performance, your health and safety are the most important things, so compromising on a welding helmet just isn’t an option. They’re necessary to prevent arc eye and retina burns, which can lead to the loss of your vision over time.

Welding helmets provide more than just eye protection though - they also provide critical face protection from hot metal sparks created by the arc and from UV skin damage. So finding the right welding helmet is important because even the smallest amount of exposure at high intensity can cause burns.

Quality, Safety and Comfort from the ‘Hood’ Experts

Choosing the right welding helmet for your application and environment is something you shouldn’t rush - a high quality helmet will increase your productivity, safety, long-term health and even your weld quality! The most important criteria when it comes to choose a welding helmet are quality, safety and comfort. Some valuable features to consider are things like lens type, weight of helmet, filter shades and ease of use. If the helmet you choose is too heavy, you risk neck injury over the long term. If your helmet isn’t easy to use, your productivity and weld quality could suffer. It can be tempting to choose a helmet based on price alone, but this option could end up compromising both your comfort and safety in the end.

Over 100 Welding Helmet Options at Affordable Pricing

We offer only products from the most trusted brands in the welding industry - Miller, Speedglas, Lincoln, FibreMetal, Inweld, Jackson, Metal Man, Save Phace, and Weldmark Welding Helmets options are available here. Whether you want the popular Lincoln K3034 Black Viking Welding Helmet, which boasts the largest viewing window (3.34 inches) in the welding industry with four arc sensors and improved optical clarity and enhanced color recognition, or something like the Miller Black Digital Infinity Welding Helmet that offers four different operating modes and redesigned headgear with oversized comfort cushion – we have you covered.

Fast, Free Shipping

Many of our welding helmets ship free of charge to anywhere in the lower 48 states. We only work with the best shipping partners available because we know how important it is to get your safety gear on time. Free shipping and fast delivery for a high-quality helmet? It doesn’t get much better than that.

When You Think Welding, Think Helmets

Many professions have a “signature” or “icon” that people think of immediately when that job is mentioned. Talk about Canadian Mounties, and images of red uniforms and officers on horses spring to mind. Talk about surgeons, and a doctor in a surgical gown and mask are the first thing to pop into your head. And when it comes to welders, the helmet is this profession’s iconic image.

Of course, in all of these different professions, this type of clothing isn’t just for show. Many jobs, especially those in an industrial setting, require specific clothing, and while there might be a little bit of fashionable flair to stand out, the primary goal of this clothing is to achieve a specific function. For welders, the iconic welding helmet is there for protection.

It’s All About The Eyes

The goal of welding is to take some of the densest materials on earth, and shape, cut or fuse that material, and this takes huge amounts of power to achieve. One of the inevitable side-effects of generating that much power is not just heat, but bright light so intense that looking directly at it can permanently damage—or even blind—human vision. Our eyes simply cannot tolerate that level of brightness.

That’s why the signature of the welder’s world, the helmet is so prominent in the trade. In addition to complete facial coverage to protect against heat and sparks, it is the lens of the welding helmet that is crucial to safe work. In the past, “passive” welding helmets acted like sunglasses, with dimmed lenses ready to protect the eyes against the bright light. Today’s helmets, however, are digital, and the level of dimming can be none at all or adjusted all the way up to protect the eyes against the brightest flare.

Different Styles, Different Functionality

We’ve got a full range of different welding helmets based on the needs you have. For people who may be just starting out, or on a budget, we have basic, traditional models with passive lenses. At the top-end, we have helmets with premium functions like auto-darkening, larger viewing areas, and even more accurate color differentiation.
We also have the full line of brands and names you trust. Lincoln Electric, Miller, Revco, Speedglas, Jackson, Metal Man and Optrel are just a few of the product lines we carry. The prices go all the way from budget to top-tier premium, and we have different looks as well. If you want a plain color, we have that, but if you want something that really stands out, with elaborate art, we’ve got that too. We also have extra accessories you may need, like headgear, or covering lenses if you need to replace some parts, but want to keep using the same helmet.

Speedy Shipping, Great Prices

When you’ve finally settled on the welding helmet or accessories you want, we can send your order to any address in the continental United States. Your wait time will be kept to a minimum, and the condition of your items will be perfect thanks to the alliances we have with established, professional shipping partners. If you want some extra, added value, any order you place with us that totals $100 or more will have no additional shipping and handling charge. It’s our show of thanks for your support of a proud American business.



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