• ames-true-temper-m6t22bb-6-cubic-feet-steel-tray-contractor-wheelbarrow

Ames True Temper M6T22BB 6 Cubic Feet Steel Tray Contractor Wheelbarrow (1 EA)

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Ames True Temper M6T22BB 6 Cubic Feet Steel Tray Contractor Wheelbarrow (1 EA)

6 Cubic Feet Steel Tray Contractor Wheelbarrow

Ames True Temper M6T22BB 6 Cubic Feet Steel Tray Contractor Wheelbarrow Features:


  • Heavy duty steel trays, professional grade steel undercarriages and strong hardwood handles stand up to the toughest jobs


  • Patented leg stabilizers make wheelbarrow 40% more tip-resistant
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    Ames True Temper Contractor Wheelbarrow For Every Task

    Working in trades means taking on many different activities, and those activities will often require a wide variety of tools. Welding, for example, may just bring to mind the bright sparks thrown out by MIG or TIG welding, but in addition to the welder itself, there are the many different tools, life safety, even clamps to hold a pipe in place, that are all necessary in order for the welding to actually begin and be done to an acceptable level of quality.

    Some of these tools play an indirect but necessary role in helping things along to get the job done. Extension cords, for example, may not actually be used as tools, but without them, sometimes the necessary electrical power to keep tools operating wouldn’t be possible. In the same way, sometimes you just need something that can carry a load of miscellaneous tools or other things easily, and an Ames True Temper wheelbarrow may be just the trick.

    Ames True Temper: An American Tradition

    Ames and the True Temper name are one of the oldest companies in America. Some of the oldest welding companies may claim a history that goes back over 100 years, but Ames got its start in 1774, making it one of the few bi-centennial businesses in America that’s still alive and kicking today, doing exactly what it’s always done; helping people to get the job done. Captain John Ames started his business by making shovels in his blacksmith shop in Massachusetts and his business continued to grow from there.

    Then in 1808, another blacksmith, Alexander Miller, worked out of “the old stone shop” in Wallingford, Vermont. He created hoes, axes, nails and many other tools, and eventually his “True Temper” company merged with Ames and became one of many companies that still produces useful tools, implements and other accessories for Americans today. Whether it’s the average citizen just working a garden, or professionals that need tools that are durable and reliable in order to get important work done, they have it.

    Reliable Support

    The Ames True Temper M6T22B steel tray contractor wheelbarrow is 6 cubic feet in size. It’s a heavy-duty model that has been built with one thing in mind, and that is maintaining support and staying upright despite heavy loads that might impact balance. It has a patented leg stabilizer design that makes the wheelbarrow 40% more tip resistant than more traditional designs, so even if you leave it unattended with an imbalanced load, the odds are good it’ll maintain its position.

    The Ames True Temper M6T22B steel tray contractor wheelbarrow also features heavy-duty steel trays for greater durability. It is built with professional grade steel undercarriages, but features strong—yet flexible—hardwood handles that yield an easy grip but stand up to the demands of the job.

    Rapid Shipping, Reasonable Prices

    If you know that the Ames True Temper wheelbarrow can help with the jobs that you have, we can send this hardware to any door in the continental USA. It’ll arrive in great shape, and you won’t wait long thanks to the alliances we have with trusted shipping partners. You won’t have to pay shipping and handling either. That’s on us as a show of thanks for your decision to support a hardworking, proud American business.


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