ArcOne HH-VC-LGR Lime Green V-Crown Hard Hat (1 Hard Hat)

$ 15.74
By ArcOne

ArcOne HH-VC-LGR Lime Green V-Crown Hard Hat (1 Hard Hat)



V-Crown Hard Hats are strong and durable; available in yellow, green, white, orange, blue and red. The economically priced hard hats are slotted and offer a rugged design, complete with ratchet headgear for the cost of standard slips on types. Hard hats include rain trough and back of helmet to channel moisture away. The lightweight design makes it ideal for those long days. Meets ANSI Z89.1-2003 Type 1; Classes C, G and E.


Hard Hat Adapters


SUHHA-02 ArcOne Slotted Ultra Hard Hat Adapter for MSA
SUHHA-03 ArcOne ArcOne® V-Crown Hard Hat Adapter for Welding Helmet 
UHHA-01 ArcOne Universal Hard Hat Adapter
FSHHA-01 ArcOne Visor to Hard Hat Adapter



Other Hard Hats


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HH-VC-GR ArcOne Green V-Crown Hard Hat
HH-VC-WR ArcOne White V-Crown Hard Hat
HH-VC-OR ArcOne Orange V-Crown Hard Hat
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HH-VC-RR ArcOne Red V-Crown Hard Hat
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HH-VC-LGR ArcOne Lime Green V-Crown Hard Hat