• Fronius AccuPocket 150 Battery Operated Stick Welder

Fronius AccuPocket 150 Battery Operated Stick Welder

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 Fronius AccuPocket 150 Battery Operated Stick Welder 

Welder Weighs Under 25 pounds!!!

Do you want to have the newest stick welding technology? Fronius has created a new battery operated stick welder called the AccuPocket. The AccuPocket is great for those hard to reach areas in not so friendly terrains. This AccuPocket comes with the ActiveCharger. The ActiveCharger can charge the AccuPocket's battery to 90% capacity in just 30 minutes. Watch the informative video below to find out more

A High-performing, rechargeable lithium-ion battery powers this lightweight welder. Fully charged it has sufficient power to weld up to eight 1/8 inch diameter electrodes or eighteen 3/32 inch electrodes. During welding, the battery

is able to momentarily deliver higher-than-average short- circuit currents to prevent electrode sticking. Additionally, AccuBoost electronics provide high welding voltage at high power, preventing the arc from breaking regardless of the battery’s charge status. All of the main parameters can be steplessly adjusted with a single digital control knob.

This welding system includes an ActiveCharger that is specially tailored to the requirements of the AccuPocket and is based on Fronius’ proven Active Inverter Technology. This technology, along with built-in battery management functions, will detect the state of the battery and optimally adapt the charging characteristic. Not only does it recharge the battery when not in use, the system can be used in hybrid mode to continue welding if the battery runs low. In hybrid mode, the energy is used to ensure a constant arc during run-times and during off-times it recharges the battery. At all times the full welding mode amperage is available, even when connected to a 110 outlet or when hooked to a small generator.

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Welding Just Got Smaller & More Convenient

For a lot of welding jobs, it’s a given that there’s a lot of gear that needs to be used. On top of the safety gear that tradesmen need to wear to protect themselves, the welding unit itself is often large and ungainly. While it’s true that smaller units exist for smaller jobs, it’s always been a challenge in the industry to pack the power required for a job into a small enough profile to make it easy to move around.
Fortunately, this is a problem that many experts in the industry are aware of, and years of research have gone into ways to shrink down hardware. It’s easier to carry and reposition without making any sacrifices to the power that is required to get the job done at the industrial specifications that are often required. Now Fronius has a new addition to this ever shrinking world of small but powerful hardware.

Fronius Keeps Innovating

Fronius may not be the most common brand that we carry, but that doesn’t mean that they’re new or don’t know what they’re doing. This European company got its start in post WWII-Austria, creating battery chargers and welding transformers. Over the decades, they branched out into more battery and welding related technology, and in 1981, they created the world’s first primary transistor-switched power source.
Today, Fronius has opened up offices all over Europe and continues to improve both battery and welding technology, often combining both. They’ve even made strides in environmental friendliness with new advances in solar power generation. But for people that are interested in getting welding done with better, smaller technology, they have the Fronius Accupocket 150.

Small, Light, Powerful Battery Operated Stick Welder

The Fronius Accupocket 150 is a battery operated stick welder. That’s already a big point of interest right there, since it means that you don’t need to worry about power cabling. You can take this with you to remote sites and not need to worry about having a portable generator around just to power your torch. However, the Accupocket is also small, and light, weighing in at just under 25 lbs.
The Accupocket 150 is ready to go after just 30 minutes of recharging. It can take up to eight 1/8 inch diameter electrodes, or 18 3/32 inch electrodes. It provides high welding voltage at high power, which is great for preventing arc breaks. Easy controls with a single knob let you adjust parameters. It even includes a hybrid mode that allows for the welder to be used while hooked up to another power source, then immediately switches to recharging when not in use. This is an incredibly useful, portable welder for anyone that wants easy access to power without having a ready power outlet available.

Quick Shipping, Reasonable Prices

If you want the latest in welding technology, we can send the Fronius Accupocket 150 to any address located within the continental USA. Your waiting time will be short, and your shipping condition will be perfect because of the alliances we have with reputable shipping partners. You won’t even have to pay any shipping and handling charges on your order of the Accupocket; we’ll pick up that expense ourselves. It’s our show of appreciation for your choice to support an American business.

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