• Lincoln Blue Max 2100 1/8" ED032299 Stick Electrodes (10lb case)

Lincoln Blue Max 2100 1/8" ED032299 Stick Electrodes (10lb case)

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Lincoln Blue Max 2100 1/8" ED032299 Stick Electrodes (10lb case)

Lincoln Blue Max 2100 1/8" ED032299 Stick Electrodes is great for hardfacing and stainless steel clading.

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A Good Welding Job Means Having the Right Parts

Welding is an essential process in the 21st century, but it is far from a simple one. Much older trades require brute strength, such as the ability to hit a nail with a hammer repeatedly. But welding uses very powerful, very complicated equipment in order to perform impressive engineering and metallurgical feats. Few processes can join two pieces of metal together and have them be as strong or even stronger than they were before, but welding can.

However, the equipment required to do this is both specific and plentiful. Welding guns, welding units themselves, certain types of gas, depending on the weld, and, of course, protective gear for the tradesmen are all required. You need to get a lot of things together to do a weld right, and for some welding jobs, that means having electrodes, like the Lincoln Blue Max 2100.

Lincoln Has What You Need

Lincoln Electric got its start in the automobile industry, but for over 100 years, this is a company that has always been focused on one specific part of the industry, and that is welding. They know what kinds of jobs welding is best for, and more importantly, they know what it takes for skilled tradesmen to do the job right, with professional quality, and safety.

That means that they have decades of experience in working with every aspect of welding, from the equipment that is used, to the protective gear the workers wear, to the consumables that are required every day. There are many components required for welding that are necessarily used up over the course of a workday. Lincoln’s electrodes are here to provide consistent, reliable results when it’s time to turn up the heat.

Stick Electrodes That Are Up To The Challenge

The Lincoln Blue Max 2100 1/8” ED032299 Stick Electrodes is has designed specifically to work for people that need a base for hardfacing or stainless steel cladding. Hard to weld steel poses some big technical challenges, but the Blue Max electrode is up to it. If you’re working with high carbon, low alloy, high strength or manganese steel this is the one for you.

We offer the Lincoln Blue Max 2100 in 10 lb cases. We can safely recommend that you use the electrode in all positions, except vertical down. The electrode has a high resistance to cracking, high strength, and comes in an easy to open can so you can quickly put in a new electrode when you need it. You’ll always need the right, specific electrode for the right job and materials, and if it’s difficult to weld steel you’re tackling, the Blue Max 2100 series, the electrode you’ll want for your welding jobs.

Fast Shipping, Low Prices

If you need more Blue Max 2100 electrodes for the jobs you do, we can ship a case to you anywhere within the continental United States. You’ll get them quickly, and they’ll be safe, sound and ready to go thanks to the alliances we have with reputable, experienced shipping partners. You won’t even have to worry about additional costs like shipping and handling charges. We’ll handle that expense ourselves. It’s just our way of showing our gratitude for your choice to give your support to a proud American business.

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