• Lincoln K2269-1 Invertec V275-S Stick Welder

Lincoln K2269-1 Invertec V275-S Stick Welder

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Lincoln K2269-1 Invertec V275-S Stick Welder


Weather-Resistant Stick and TIG Welder


The Invertec V275-S stick and TIG power source is ideal for outdoor construction sites - it's IP23S rated and equipped with weather resistant features. Up to 275 amps of output gives you access to a greater number of stick electrodes, including outstanding E6010 performance.

    Outstanding AWS E6010 and E7018 Performance  

    • Using up to 7/32" (5.5 mm) diameter electrode that enables both whip and drag techniques for a variety of construction and fabrication applications.


    Touch Start TIG

    • Allows the welding arc to be established without high frequency starting.


    Air Carbon Arc Cutting and Gouging

    • With up to 3/16" (4.8 mm) diameter carbon electrode.


    Selectable Hot Start

    • Turn it off for thin material or flip it on for thick, rusty or dirty material. 


    Variable Arc Force

    • Dial in the "soft" or "crisp" arc you want.


    All-in-One Machine

    • 208/220/230/380/400/415/440/460/575 input volt settings - no single phase de-rating.
    Input Power 208/230/380/415/460/575/1/3/50/60
    Rated Output
    • 275A/29-31V/35%
    • 275A/31V/35%
    Input Current
    • 38/37/19/16
    • 68/67/38/31
    Output Range 5-275A DC
    Dimensions (H x W x D) 13.6" x 9" x 20.25" (345 mm x 229 mm x 514 mm)
    Net Weight 54 lbs (24.49 kg)
    • Invertec V275-S
    • Input Power Cable, 10 ft (3.0 m)
    • Twist Mate Cable Plugs (K852-70) (Qty. 2)

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    As a welder, you depend on the best gear, apparel, tools, and equipment to do your job right. A reliable source of power is subsequently of serious importance since no one has time to fiddle with a faulty TIG power source. We at Welding Outfitter continually stock our shelves with the highest-quality and most durable products from the best brands so our customers feel safe and secure no matter how many hours they work. The Lincoln K2269-1 Invertec V275-S Stick Welder is an ideal power source for welding and construction sites--as with the rest of our inventory, it is ready to go the distance.

    Reliable TIG Welder Power From A Brand You Can Trust

    Lincoln Electric is an international company serving many heavy-duty industries. Their welding product specialties mainly revolve around equipment, such as stick, MIG, and TIG welders. The Lincoln welder highlighted here offers both stick and TIG capabilities and features the weather resistance necessary for outdoor construction projects. The product is IP23S-rated to provide up to 275 amps of output, so you enjoy a higher number of stick electrodes, including exceptional E6010 performance. It offers both drag and whip techniques to provide you with a wider variety of fabrication and construction applications.

    Additional features include touch start TIG for establishing welding arcs minus high frequency starting, air carbon arc cutting and gouging, and selectable hot start you can turn off for thin material or flip on any time you are working with dirty or rusty materials. Variable arc force is another outstanding feature for dialing “crisp” or “soft” arcs as necessary. This all-in-one product becomes another member of your team thanks to superior capabilities and durability. You can truly work anywhere when you invest in this stick and TIG welder from one of the best brands in the welding industry.

    Customer Service You Can Trust

    The Welding Outfitter team is committed to safe, efficient work practices so our welding customers can do their jobs that much better. We routinely offer sales and rebates to keep our products reasonable, especially for our customers who are ordering for their entire teams. Our online store features some of the best prices on welding gear and equipment in the industry to keep your costs low.

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    Why wonder if your stick and TIG welder is going to last the day? Lincoln welders are among the industry’s best, and we are thrilled to sell them to you for reasonable prices. What can we do for you and your team today?



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