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  • Lincoln K2613-5 LN-25 Standard Pro Wire Feeder

Lincoln K2613-5 LN-25 Standard Pro Wire Feeder

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Lincoln K2613-5 LN-25 Standard Pro Wire Feeder



LN-25 PRO series wire feeders are designed to be simple, reliable and easy to service. Whether you are an iron worker, pipeline welder, or weld at a construction site, shipbuilding facility or metal fabrication shop, we have the right semiautomatic wire feeder for you. 



  • MIG, Flux Cored, STT® capability only with K2614-6 Dual Power Model




  • Heavy-duty cast aluminum wire drive system provides reliable feeding and durability



  • Delivers greater precision at low end wire feed speeds


  • Provides operator comfort for long welds


  • Rugged and durable case can be replaced in less than five minutes



  • For moisture and corrosion protection 


SOLID WIRE SIZE RANGE .023" - 1/16" (0.6 - 1.6 mm)
CORED WIRE SIZE RANGE .030" - 5/64" (0.8 - 2.0 mm)
WIRE SPEED RANGE IPM (M/MIN) 50 - 700 ipm (1.3 - 17.7 m/min)
DIMENSIONS (H X W X D) 15" x 8.7" x 23.2" (381 x 221 x 589 mm)
NET WEIGHT 38 lbs (17.24 kg)



  • Internal Contractor
  • Gas Solenoid
  • Flowmeter
  • Arc Sensing Lead & Clip, 15 ft (4.5 m)
  • 2 Gun Bushings (K1500-2 installed; K1500-1 loose)

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A Simple and Reliable Wire Feeder

There are a lot of different types of work that benefit from welding, and that means that welding is required under many working conditions. The ideal setting is the controlled environment of a factory or workshop, where elements like temperature, air quality, and, most importantly protection from contaminants, is at the forefront.
But ideal conditions aren’t always the conditions that people will get to work in when the job demands quality welding. Construction sites can be busy places, and working on pipelines means that at some point, you’ll have to go to where the pipe itself is required. You’ll still need to operate with reliability and safety, and you’ll still need high-quality results. In situations like this, you might need a Lincoln Pro Wire Feeder.

Lincoln Is About Safety & Reliability

Lincoln Electric has a history in American industry that now stretches back over a century. It got its start in the still evolving world of the automobile but was also one of the earliest companies to focus on welding and improving the tools and techniques required for it. This has led to decades of commitment to improving working conditions and providing more safety without compromising on a quality job with results that last.
That commitment is still in evidence today and spreads to all the different situations in which welding is required. Lincoln knows that people aren’t always going to be able to work in the safe, controlled environment of a shop, but they’ll still need the kind of results you get from shop work. That’s why, even for jobs that require mobility, they have solutions like Lincoln LN-25 Pro Wire Feeder for today’s welding needs.

The Lincoln LN-25 Offers Flexibility

The Lincoln K2613-5 LN-25 Pro Wire Feeder is designed to work with MIG, MIG-STT, pulsed and flux cored processes. This is a semi-automatic wire feeder built with a heavy duty, cast aluminum wire drive system for reliable feeding and durability. It also features a dual-range wire feed speed, which gives greater precision at low feed speeds. It has a trigger interlock switch that ensures more operator comfort for longer welds.

The LN-25 Pro is built with a flame resistant case that is both durable and modular. If you need to replace it, you can do so in less than five minutes. It has potted PC boards for both moisture and corrosion protection. If you need to work in pipes, metal fabrication, construction, ship building or maintaining a rental fleet, this is the reliable, quality solution that will help you to work on your welds and maintain the quality you need. When you need to get the job done right under a variety of conditions, this is the wire feeder for you.

Good Prices, Quick Shipping

The Lincoln LN-25 Pro Wire Feeder will make a great addition to any collection of welding equipment. If you want to enjoy the convenience and efficiency of this wire feeder, we can ship this unit to any address in the continental USA. You’ll get it fast, and you’ll get it in top condition because the alliances we have with reputable, established shipping partners.
You won’t even have to worry about shipping and handling fees. We’ll handle that expense ourselves, as a way of showing our thanks for your choice to support a hard-working, American business.


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