• Lincoln K3028-2 2450 Black Viking Welding Helmet
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Lincoln K3028-3 2450 Black Viking Welding Helmet

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Shop here for the Lincoln K3028-3 2450 Black Viking Welding Helmet. One of the best welding helmets you can buy. Low Prices - Fast Delivery! FREE SHIPPING!

Lincoln K3028-3 2450 Viking Welding Helmet


The Viking 2450 Welding Helmet from Lincoln Electric comes with the best optical clarity you can find in a welding helmet today – 1/1/1/1 optical clarity.  It also comes with fastest switch speed in its class.  Lincoln 2450 Welding Helmet come with an improved pivot style headgear and 4C Lens technology.



Lincoln K3028-3 2450 Viking Welding Helmet Features:


  • 4C Lens Technology
  • Perfect 1/1/1/1 optical clarity rating (EN379)
  • Fastest switching speed in its class
  • Up to 28% larger viewing area versus competitive helmets
  • Designed for long hours of comfortable wear with the new pivot style headgear
  • 3 year warranty
  • Longer Battery Life
  • Easy On Eyes
  • Wide Screen View









(Helmet bag, bandana, lenses and decal sheet - included. Design your own helmet!)

Lincoln K3028-3 2450 Black Viking Welding Helmet Accessories:


·      Lincoln 2450 Inside Lens

·       Lincoln 2450 Outside Lens
·       Lincoln KP2932-3 Replace ADF Cartridge
·       Lincoln KP3908-1 Replacement Headgear
·       Lincoln KP3047-1 Hard Hat Adapter
·       Lincoln 1.50 Diopter Cheater Lens
·       Lincoln 2.0 Diopter Cheater Lens

·       Lincoln 2.5 Diopter Cheater Lens

 Lincoln K3028-3 2450 Welding Helmet Video:



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Work Safely With Lincoln

When you work in the heavy industry, you already know that you’re doing a tough job that is often vital to seeing big projects get completed, and those projects are often important to the economy or maybe even quality of life in America. It often means working in challenging conditions, with difficult objectives and it means using your skill to the best of your ability.
It can also mean working under some very challenging conditions. Some work, like welding, is hazardous in and of itself. It exposes the skilled tradesmen that do this work to high heat and incredibly dangerous, medically unsafe, blinding light. To get the job done, you need the proper protection, but that protection can’t get in the way of completing your task. And that’s where a Lincoln Welding Helmet comes in.

The Lincoln Commitment

Lincoln has been a part of America’s heavy industry for over 100 years and has worked hard as a company to ensure that both the industry and the people in it get the tools they need at the quality they deserve in order to complete their jobs. This long partnership with the tradesmen has resulted in decades of observing, analyzing and ultimately improving both techniques and technology.
When it comes to welding, Lincoln has done a lot over the years to innovate on both the welding torches and the important peripheral equipment around it, like protective gear. Lincoln Welding Helmets, in particular, need to strike a careful balance of maximum protection, comfort, and utility, and the Viking Welding Helmet series is part of that effort.

The Basics Done Right

The Viking Welding Helmet is part of the 2450 Viking Welding Helmet series, which is the line that brings premium features to a mid-range price. It sports a wider field of view, allowing up to 28% more of a viewing area compared to some competitor models, longer battery life, and for the people that want to keep it classic, and an understated, plain black exterior.
The Viking Welding Helmet series uses more recent innovations in viewing systems referred to as 4C Lens Technology, which stands for cut, carat, color, and clarity. This means the visor has improved 1/1/1/1 optics with greater accuracy in color presentation. With older auto-dimming technologies, a lime green tint was an unavoidable side-effect of the protective process. 4C Lens Technology dramatically reduces this, allowing for more true-to-life color viewing and lowering the chance of eyestrain. This is a great helmet for TIG, MIG and Stick welding, usable in most situations, from general fabrication in a shop to offshore activity on a marine facility.

Fast Shipping & Good Prices

If you’d like to add the black Viking Welding Helmet to your protective equipment, we can send it directly to your door anywhere in the continental USA. You’ll get in very quick time thanks to the alliances we have with trusted, well-established shipping partners. If you’re worried about the cost of shipping and handling, then stop. We’ll pick up the cost ourselves, as our way of showing our appreciation for your decision to support our business.


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