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Lincoln K3029-3 2450 Heavy Metal Viking Welding Helmet

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Shop online for the Lincoln K3029-3 2450 Heavy Metal Viking Welding Helmet. Features fantastic clarity and fast switching. Low Prices - Fast Delivery! FREE SHIPPING!


Lincoln K3029-3 2450 Heavy Metal Viking Welding Helmet


The Viking 2450 Welding Helmet from Lincoln Electric comes with the best optical clarity you can find in a welding helmet today – 1/1/1/1 optical clarity.  It also comes with fastest switch speed in its class.  Lincoln 2450 Welding Helmet come with an improved pivot style headgear and 4C Lens technology.


Lincoln K3029-3 2450 Heavy Metal Viking Welding Helmet Features:


4C Lens Technology

Perfect 1/1/1/1 optical clarity rating (EN379)

Fastest switching speed in its class

Up to 28% larger viewing area versus competitive helmets

Designed for long hours of comfortable wear with the new pivot style headgear

3 year warranty

Longer Battery Life

Easy On Eyes

Wide Screen View


(Helmet bag, bandana, lenses and decal sheet - included. Design your own helmet!)

Lincoln K3029-3 2450 Heavy Metal Viking Welding Helmet Accessories: 


·      Lincoln 2450 Inside Lens

·       Lincoln 2450 Outside Lens
·       Lincoln KP2932-3 Replace ADF Cartridge
·       Lincoln KP3908-1 Replacement Headgear
·       Lincoln KP3047-1 Hard Hat Adapter
·       Lincoln 1.50 Diopter Cheater Lens
·       Lincoln 2.0 Diopter Cheater Lens

·       Lincoln 2.5 Diopter Cheater Lens

 Lincoln K3029-3 2450 Heavy Metal Viking Welding Helmet Video: 



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See Your Work Clearly With Lincoln

There have been a lot of great improvements in the tools that people use in various heavy industries in the 21st century. But one of the things that always remains the same is that you need skilled people using those tools to get the best results. Welding is an area where good people matter a lot, but they can only work as well as they can see.
This is why the welding helmet is such a crucial piece of the professional puzzle. Welding itself is an extremely hazardous job, with blinding light, high temperatures and spatter that all need to be taken into account. All of this needs to be carefully addressed in the equipment used to get the job done, and that’s why a Lincoln welding helmet is one of the top pieces of gear to use.

The Lincoln Difference

Lincoln Electric has been in the business for over a century, serving the many different needs of a broad range of skills and jobs in the heavy industry. With that kind of experience, they have a complete understanding of the challenges and demands the many different jobs have, and they’ve spent years perfecting the tools and techniques that people use to complete their tasks efficiently, without compromising on quality.
When it comes to Lincoln welding helmets, the company takes a three-pronged approach. Welding helmets should, above all, protect. But if protection gets in the way of actually being able to complete a task, it becomes a big problem. That’s why Lincoln has spent a lot of time addressing three design requirements of comfort, protection, and utility, with the Lincoln Heavy Metal Welding Helmet as the result.

Quality Protection

The Viking 2450 Lincoln Heavy Metal Welding Helmet is the latest evolution in Lincoln’s ongoing commitment to improving the safety and effectiveness of welding equipment. It uses a technology referred to as 4C Lens Technology with improved ease of sight, and 1/1/1/1 clarity. It also dramatically reduces the lime green tint that wearers usually see when the auto-darkening mode engages, for greater visual accuracy.
4C technology focuses on giving users a greater field of view, up to 28% larger than other helmets, while decreasing eye strain and giving a clearer view. It’s perfect for many different industries, such as general fabrication, ship building, power generation, offshore and more. Whether you employ stick, TIG, or MIG welding, the Viking 2450 Heavy Metal Welding Helmet is a great addition to your gear.

Quick, Reliable Shipping

If you’d like to add the latest in welding helmet technology to your collection, come to us for the Viking 2450. We can deliver it to you quickly, anywhere in the continental USA with our alliance of trusted shipping partners. As a bonus, you don’t even have to worry about paying for shipping and handling. We’ll pay for that ourselves, as our way of showing our appreciation for the business you’ve given us.



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