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  • Lincoln K3447-1 210 MP and TIG 200 Garage PAK (K3963-1 and K5126-1)

Lincoln K3447-1 210 MP and TIG 200 Garage PAK (K3963-1 and K5126-1)

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Lincoln K3447-1 210 MP and TIG 200 Garage PAK (K3963-1 and K5126-1)



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With these two machines, get all the portability, exibility and power you’ll ever need for most welding applications and materials. Featuring the most innovative and intuitive user interfaces on the market, both machines are designed to take the mystery out of welding and help you become better, faster. If there were just two machines you need to complete your home workshop or shop, these are the ones.
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Get MIG, Stick, and Flux-cored welding capability plus AC/DC TIG from two portable, flexible and powerful machines, bundled with one low price.

Both lightweight and dual voltage (110V or 230V) machines have a “Take it Everywhere, Plug in Anywhere.™” usability so your weld job is always within reach. With the most innovative and intuitive user interfaces on the market, these welders take the mystery out of welding to help you weld better, faster and with more confidence.


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An Affordable Yet Powerful TIG Welder

The right welder makes all the difference. Lincoln K3447-1 210 MP and TIG 200 Garage PAK (K3963-1 and K5126-1) provides the perfect set for a majority of welding applications and materials. They are just as powerful as they are portable to help you become a faster, more skilled welder in a short amount of time. You will soon gain the confidence you need to perform your job on a professional and a personal level. This Lincoln welder pack is also priced right so you get two products at a great price.

Lincoln Provides Everything You Need

The Lincoln Electric brand has remained an industry mainstay since its 1885 founding. Whether you require a welder pack only or a full range of welding products, you will notice the Lincoln difference immediately. This brand name is synonymous with quality so you feel extra safe and protected no matter how many hours you spend on the job. We and the folks at Lincoln are here to help you work faster, smarter, and better so you enjoy fully-productive work days without the extra strain or hassle. The tools and safety gear Lincoln provides last so your investment is well worth it. Purchase tools and gear for your entire crew or for your at-home welding projects since because we know either way, you will be pleased with your results.

Streamlined Shop Setup

Perhaps you are a trade school student, a welding enthusiast, or someone ready to introduce new and more efficient products in a shop environment. Lincoln designed this affordable kit with all of these things in mind so you have little else to purchase since with this amazing kit, a torch and a plasma cutter are the only extra tools you require!

Each machine is lightweight at about 40 pounds so you can plug them in anywhere. Dual voltage input options make plugging these welders into any standard power supplies easy, while push-and-turn digital controls also ensure setup is a seamless process. Additionally, the machines include advanced setting options and large, easy-to-read display guides so you can start your project quickly and easily. Take on any job with extra confidence when you invest in this convenient welder pack.

Fast Shipping & Affordable Prices

We happily ship to any location within the continental United States and guarantee your welder pack or any other product from our online store will arrive intact and ready to use. Our partnerships with some of the best shipping services in the country make getting what you want quickly and easily making it a stress-free experience. Additionally, our commitment to keeping prices reasonable includes free shipping if you spend $100 or more--so you know you will get free shipping when you order this pack! If you research the cost of each machine individually, you know you are getting a fantastic deal, especially if you take full advantage of the rebate offer.

Purchase this kit and find everything else you need to create a safe, efficient work environment without the shipping hassle!

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