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  • Mathey Dearman D231-LT 1" - 12" Light Chain Clamp (1 each)

Mathey Dearman D231-SC 1" - 12" Sturdi-Clamp (1 each)

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Mathey Dearman D231-SC 1" - 12" Sturdi-Clamp (1 each)



The ideal chain clamp for the welder or fitter who does not need to reform elbows, tees or other fittings. The Mathey Dearman Light series of Chain Clamps are durable and versatile and, like the original Dearman Chain Clamp, reform up to Schedule 20 and align up to Schedule 40 pipe. The jackscrews in the jackbar give the welder the ability to obtain the optimum fit-up of the pipes or fittings to be joined.

This light-weight clamp is rapidly adjusted to any pipe diameter by pulling the chain through the main block. Precision outside or inside diameter alignment can be quickly obtained without operator fatigue.

Number Of Jackbars:
Pipe Range:
1" - 12"
Material Type:
Carbon Steel
Reforms Pipe To Schedule:
Aligns Pipe To Schedule:

Complete welding of the pipe and fittings can be accomplished without removal of the clamp.
• Add-on jackbar can be added to most models when pressure needs to be applied between the camp jackbars.
• Jackscrew pads independently pivot to handle uneven surfaces. Spacing screws can be added for precise weld gap adjustment.
• Mathey Dearman Chain Clamps can be reconfigured for stainless steel and other specialty alloy applications. Simply replace the carbon steel roller chain with stainless steel chain. All other components of Chain Clamps are made of stainless steel.




Dearman Sturdi-Clamp Includes:



  • Length of chain required for the pipe range



  • Single or double jackscrew jackbars listed for the pipe range



  • Main block



  • Fine adjustment



  • Jackscrew wrench




  • Parts and operating manual


Not Included:
• Storage box
• Level and support device

Carbon or stainless steel Spacing screws
Add-on Jackbar




  • The level and support device assists the welder in holding and accurately positioning pipe or fittings for welding.
    • Available in steel and stainless steel models for pipe 1" to 36" (25mm to 914mm) in diameter.



  • ACCURATE—Within 1/64 of an inch alignment of internal or external pipe with jackbars spaced around the pipe joint.
    • LESS FATIGUE —The lightweight Dearman Light Chain Clamp is the best tool for alignment of pipes and fittings when reforming is not required.
    • THINK LIGHT —The 1" – 12" (25 – 305mm) Dearman Light Chain Clamp weighs 50% less than the 8" (203mm) hand lever cage clamp and covers the pipe size range of eleven (11) cage clamps.
    • SAFE—Elbows, tees, flanges and other fittings can be held safely and securely in place during alignment with the level and support device (optional).
    • VERSATILE —One chain clamp covers the pipe size range of eleven (11) cage clamps.
    • PRECISELY ALIGNS pipe with wall thickness to Schedule 40, and reforms pipes to Schedule 40.




• The clamp should never be used as the sole support for the pipe, nor should it ever be used to lift the pipe.
• Do not exceed pipe size range listed without first contacting the Mathey Dearman sales department.
• Do not use any type of chain other than those listed below without first contacting Mathey Dearman sales department.
• Use of chain not supplied with clamp by Mathey Dearman will void the warranty of the clamp.


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Mathey Dearman Specializes In Pipe Welding

Heavy industry discovered decades ago that the best way to do a job with quality and speed was to specialize. It was better to have a person and tool that did something very well, rather than letting unskilled people with general tools attempt to do everything. Because of this, American industry has made great strides in nearly every endeavor it has undertaken. This is especially true in the heavy industries of mining, gas, petroleum and other ambitious projects that require huge amounts of expertise and large, complex equipment and infrastructure to operate. Pipes are often a key component of this kind of work, and it’s here that Mathey Dearman delivers.

Mathey Dearman for Big Projects

The Mathey Dearman company has its roots in working pipes, something that it started in 1936. Since then, the company has grown, incorporating many other specializations including Tim Dearman’s innovative welding technology in the 90s. Today, Mathey Dearman is one of the world’s foremost companies for this sector of the industry. Working with pipe is not something that’s often talked about, but in many industries, the proper construction, assembly and maintenance of pipes is critical to a successful business. This is one of those areas where expert staff and specialized equipment play an important role, and Mathey Dearman delivers.

Pipe Jobs Done Right

The Mathey Dearman D231 light chain clamp is an incredibly useful tool for people that need to work and weld pipes. Welding pipe and fittings can be done without needing to remove the clamp itself. It can reform pipe to schedule 20, but can align pipe to schedule 40. If you need to apply pressure between clamp jackbars, an add-on jackbar can be added provide the pressure. Jackscrew pads can independently pivot if you’re working on uneven surfaces for added convenience. The D231 is made out of carbon steel, so it is incredibly durable, but it is also adaptable. If you need to use it with stainless steel or have other speciality alloy applications, the carbon steel roller chain can be swapped out with a stainless steel chain.

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The Mathey Dearman D231 can be sent to you anywhere within the continental United States. We have reliable shipping partners that will issue a tracking number so you can see the progress of your light chain clamp as it makes its way to you. And don’t worry about paying a shipping fee. We’ll send you your clamp free of charge on shipping as a thank you for your support.


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