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  • Mathey Dearman D233 10" - 36" Single Jackscrew Chain Clamp (1 each)

Mathey Dearman D233 10" - 36" Single Jackscrew Chain Clamp (1 each)

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Mathey Dearman D233 10" - 36" Single Jackscrew Chain Clamp (1 each)

This Mathey Dearman Single Jackscrew Chain Clamp reforms the mating side of the weld gap only, and is capable of reforming up to Schedule 40 pipe. The jackscrews of the jackbar exert pressure on the high points of the mating pipe eliminating “Hi-Lo” as pipe and fittings are aligned. Pipe wall thickness to Schedule 80 can be aligned with the Single Jackscrew Chain Clamp.

The level and support device of the chain clamp allows the pipe, elbow, tee, flange and other fittings to be held safely and securely in place during the alignment and welding process. For stainless steel or specialty alloy applications, replace the chain of the standard chain clamp with stainless steel chain.

Available in carbon steel and stainless steel models to fit pipe from
1" to 54" (25mm to 1372mm).

Number Of Jackbars: 8
Pipe Range: 10" - 36"
Material Type: Carbon Steel
Reforms Pipe To Schedule: 40
Aligns Pipe To Schedule: 80

NOTE: Complete welding of the pipe and fittings can be accomplished without removal of the clamp. Add-on jackbar can be added if pressure needs to be applied between the clamp jackbars. Jackscrew pads independently pivot to handle uneven surfaces. Spacing screws can be added for precise weld gap adjustment.

Single Jackscrew Chain Clamp Includes:
• Length of chain required for the pipe range
• Single jackscrew jackbars listed for pipe range
• Main block
• Fine adjustment
• Level and support device
• Jackscrew wrench
• Carbon or stainless steel spacing screws (optional)
• Storage box
• Parts and operating manual

• Carbon or stainless steel spacing screws
• Add-on Jackbar

• ACCURATE—The single screw jackbars, spaced around the circumference of the pipe, provide precise alignment of the inside or outside diameter of the mating pipe to the main pipe within 1/64 of an inch.
• PRECISELY ALIGNS pipe wall thickness to Schedule 80.
• EFFORTLESSLY REFORMS mating pipe wall thickness to Schedule 40 pipe.
• SAFE—Elbows, tees, flanges and other fittings can be supported with the level and support device, reducing the risk of back injury.
• VERSATILE—The clamp will align and reform pipe, elbows, tees and other fittings.

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