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  • Mathey Dearman E-Z2SS 2" EZ Fit Pipe Clamp (1 Each)

Mathey Dearman E-Z2SS 2" EZ Fit Pipe Clamp (1 Each)

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Mathey Dearman E-Z2SS 2" EZ Fit Pipe Clamp (1 Each)

Mathey Dearman EZ Fit clamps were specifically designed for the
welder who needs to align but not reform the pipe. The clamp is ideal for a wide range of small diameter pipe and tubing applications.

The precision-cast alloy steel clamps are designed to not flex when working on larger diameter pipe. Great for the critical alignment of pipe to pipe, pipe to elbow or pipe to tee. Stainless steel shoes and thumb screws (included with clamp) eliminate contamination risk during fit-up of stainless steel and other special alloy pipes and fittings.

• FAST EASY SET-UP—Clamp can be slid onto the end
of the pipe and the handle turned for fast easy
• NO TRAINING—Clamp requires no training
to operate.
• ADAPTABLE—Clamp can be used on stainless steel
or specialty alloy pipe or tubing.
• “Hi-Lo”—The wing screws are turned in or out to
adjust pipe alignment.


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With Mathey Dearman Clamps Preparation Can Be Key

One thing that welding is great for is working with pipes and setting up long, complex but reliable pipelines. However, in these cases, while it may seem as simple as setting the pipes up and starting the weld, this idea ignores the long and important process of making and preparing the pipes for welding, of which the welding itself is just one more stage.

It’s not just manufacturing the pipes that takes time, making sure the pipes are prepared and a good fit for welding. Then the pipes need to be secured so that the work can be done on them, and that often means that things need to both precise and stable as the work gets done. This is something that Mathey Dearman has a lot of experience with.

Mathey Dearman Know Pipes

Mathey Dearman has been a part of the heavy industry since 1936, when the founder, Chester A. Mathey, made his very first sale. This is a company that has always been about specialization, and from the beginning their products have been aimed at oilfield and pipeline operators, or heavy construction contractors.

In the 1970s, Tim Dearman made a name for himself by deciding that the experiments in tools he had been using to improve his own welding and pipefitting could benefit others. He started a business in Texas that eventually merged with Mathey’s business and Mathey Dearman was born. That business continued to expand and grow, and now the company, still firmly American, works out of Tulsa Oklahoma. Here, they continue to service the pipe and welding industries with products like their EZ Fit Pipe Clamp.

EZ Fit Pipe Clamps Mean Good Work

The Mathey Dearman E-Z2SS 2” EZ Fit Pipe clamp is made to help welders who need to align a pipe without reforming it. If you’re working with smaller pipe, this is perfect for your small diameter needs in a variety of ranges. If you’re working on larger diameter pipe, you can use this without worrying about flexing, thanks to the precision-cast alloy steel construction.

The EZ Fit is a good match for people that need critical alignment of pipe to pipe, pipe to tee, or pipe to elbow. It’s made with stainless steel shoes and thumb screws, meaning there’s no worry about contamination when working with steel or other special alloy pipes and/or fittings. It’s easy to use, with no special training required, easy to set up, by just sliding it onto the end of a pipe and turning the handle to align it, has wing screws that can be turned in or out to adjust the alignment. This is a convenient, effective and easy option to use for people working with smaller pipes that want safe, reliable results.

Bargain Prices, Rapid Shipping

If you know you can benefit from owning a Mathey Dearman 2” EZ Fit pipe clamp, we can have your order sent to any address in the continental United States. The order will arrive in safely, in perfect condition, and with little wait time thanks to the alliances we have with respected, experienced shipping partners. You won’t even have to worry about any additional costs for shipping and handling. We’ll foot that bill ourselves as a show of thanks for your decision to give your support to a proud American business.


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