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  • Mathey Dearman QFC-512 5" - 12" Quik Fit Clamps (1 Each)

Mathey Dearman QFC-512 5" - 12" Quik Fit Clamps (1 Each)

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 Mathey Dearman QFC-512 5" - 12" Quik Fit Clamps (1 Each)

The Mathey Dearman Quik-Fit Clamp offers the most advanced method of achieving quick, easy and precise fit-ups. The Quik-Fit is a tack-type clamp that requires no special training to use.




Quik-Fit is available in 3 sizes to cover a range of 1" to 12" pipes, and can be used on both carbon and stainless steel without adding special shoes or screws. The clamp will not only align pipe to pipe, pipe to fitting, pipe to tee, or pipe to flange, but can also be used to adjust for pipe "Hi-Lo".



The light weight and simple design makes the Quik-Fit Clamp ideal for applications where "out-of-round" conditions do not exist.








Rugged construction



Smooth-acting tension mechanism



Stainless steel contact points and alignment screws



Sliding tensioning "T" handle



Fine adjustment screws



Light and compact



Two-handed handle



All parts cadmium plated or powder coated








Holds up to job site conditions



Accurate and firm gripping of pipe or fitting



Prevents contamination in pipe or fitting



Can be repositioned for working in confined spaces



Accurate "Hi-Lo" adjustment



Allows working in restricted spaces



Positive, secure locking



Resists spatter and corrosion

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Sometimes It Takes Mathey Dearman Quik-Fit Clamps

Welding is about using a powerful tool to take on some of the hardest substances in the world and manipulate them according to design. Sometimes that means cutting them, but other times, it means joining them together, which presents its own set of challenges. In addition to trying to make two separate components a single unit, they must be closely aligned.

They must also be at least equal in strength to the original components, or better yet, made stronger by joining them together. One of the most important things that a tradesman can do in a situation like this is make sure a precise weld is achieved, but it’s hard to do that without proper alignment, which is something that Mathey Dearman understands.

Keeping Things In Line

Mathey Dearman is the story of two companies, with the first company getting its start back in 1936, with Chester A. Mathey. He specialized in pipes, and the industries that benefited from them, like oilfields, pipeline operators and heavy construction contractors. Then, a few decades later in the 1970s, Tim Dearman’s Texas business in welding and pipefitting began to enjoy great success, growing and catching the attention of the Mathey Company.

The two companies merged, forming Mathey Dearman, and as a partnership grew and expanded their range of products and industries they supported, though welding and pipeline related fields are still a mainstay of their business. Today, it’s still a 100% American company that proudly works out of Tulsa, Oklahoma, and they continue to serve the skilled tradesmen of various industries with equipment like the QFC 512 Quik Fit Clamp.

Proper Alignment with Quik-Fit Clamps

The Mathey Dearman QFC 512 Quik Fit clamp manages to combine advanced design with easy use in one convenient package. Unlike many other clamps, the Quik Fit has been designed to not require any special training before putting it to work with a range of 1” to 12” pipes. It’s been made to be compatible with both carbon and steel pipes without contaminating the materials.

The Quik Fit does not require special shoes or screws in order to work, and works well in pipe to pipe or pipe to fitting situations, where no reforming is required. It is built with durability in mind, providing years of reliable operation, is lightweight, so it can be easily used in overhead work, and is fast, with smooth, quick action for rapid fit-ups.

The Quik Fit is available in three different sizes to work with whatever needs you may have. Whether you’re working in confined spaces, or don’t have “out of round conditions” you’ll find the Quik Fit is up to the job you have with rugged construction, a smooth acting tension mechanism, and accurate, firm, gripping of pipe or fitting.

Fast Shipping, Low Prices

If you’re welding and/or pipe work would get some benefit from using the Mathey Dearman Quik Fit clamp, then we can send your order to any door in the continental United States. You won’t have to worry about the condition it arrives in, or a long wait thanks to the alliances we have with established, professional shipping partners. You won’t have to pay for shipping and handling either; we’ll take care of that expense ourselves. It’s our show gratitude for your decision to support a proud American business.


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