• Miller 231703 Auto Darkening Welding Helmet-Shade 10

Miller 231703 Auto Darkening Welding Helmet-Shade 10

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 Miller 231703 Auto Darkening Welding Helmet-Shade 10


The Miller 231703 Auto Darkening Welding Helmet is a solar powered welding helmet that does not need batteries. The Miller 231703 is lightweight leader for helmets weighing in at 16oz.


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Protect Your Face With Miller Welding Helmet Shades

The eyes and the face are both delicate and extremely important in welding and just about every other activity in daily life. Welding comes with some real risks, since it demands that a job done right means closely watching the weld, and that means exposing both eyes and face to tremendous amounts of light, heat and sparks, all of which can be crippling without the right kind of protection. Miller Electric has the answer to this need. The biggest challenge with face protection is being able to give welders a clear of view of what they are doing while at the same time providing the coverage to the eyes that properly shields both from the visible light being created as well as the infra-red and ultraviolet emissions created by the welding process. Miller’s helmets address a variety of different recreational and industrial needs while never failing to provide the required protection everyone deserves.

Miller’s Commitment to Welding Protection

Miller Electric has been in the business since 1929, and they’ve always had the expertise and interests of the heavy industry sector at heart. Today, they continue to serve, with a huge line of tools and protective accessories that make it possible for anyone of any need to get their job done. So it almost goes without saying that this applies to their range of welding helmets. Whether it’s Stick or TIG, for heavy duty, long shifts at commercial capacity, or an enthusiast at home that needs professional level protection, there’s a welding helmet for every need and budget. And for people looking for that Miller level of protection without the high end features, the 231703 is a good choice.

A Great Introduction To Helmet Shades

As part of the “Classic Series” of Miller welding helmets, the 231703 provides the maximum amount of protection that Miller Electric equipment is known for, but streamlines out the more elaborate, high tech features and gets down to the basics. That’s not to say there’s nothing high tech here; the 231703 still automatically darkens to your adjusted preference, and it can do this without batteries, thanks to an economic and eco-friendly solar power battery. It’s also a great choice for people that are unfamiliar with working with welding helmets, or just welders that are looking for a lighter alternative. At just 16 ounces, you can comfortably wear this robust, but incredibly durable helmet for long periods of time without the neck strain that accompanies heavier gear. This is a great, cost-effective addition to any welder’s arsenal.

Fast Shipping

If you want to give the Miller 231703 a try, we can ship it to you anywhere within the continental United States thanks to partnerships with established shipping companies. And if you order more and your total is over $100, we’ll ship your purchase to you free of charge.


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