• Miller 268618 Caterpillar 1st Edition Digital Elite Welding Helmet

Miller 268618 Caterpillar 1st Edition Digital Elite Welding Helmet

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Miller 268618 Caterpillar 1st Edition Digital Elite Welding Helmet

Miller Digital Elite Welding Helmets have an auto darkening lens that can switch between shade 5-13. This welding helmet comes with a 3 year warranty and also has a newly designed headgear

Miller 268618 Caterpillar 1st Edition Digital Elite Welding Helmet Features:
  • Improved Digital Controls allow user to easily adjust mode and settings
  • Redesigned headgear features additional adjustability settings for better fit & comfort
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • 9.22 sq. in. viewing area
  • Four Arc Sensors for superior lens response
  • Four Operating Modes – Weld, Cut, Grind and X-Mode
  • Auto-On/Off power control triggers lens at the strike of an arc



      Miller Digital Elite Welding Helmet Specifications:

      *Dont forget to order outside and inside lens to save money on shipping later*

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      Miller’s Elite Helmets Bring Out Your Best

      In the 21st century, there are fewer and fewer jobs that require people put themselves in a risky position where significant injury is a possibility just to get the task completed. But welding is still one of those jobs where workers expose themselves to a high degree of danger every time they settle in to get the job finished. Our eyes are our primary and most important, delicate organ, and we need them to weld properly, yet welding subjects the eyes to intolerable amounts of light and ultraviolet radiation. Our faces are exposed to large amounts of heat and sparks that can potentially burn any part of our body seriously if they should make contact. It takes quality equipment to afford the kind of protection welding needs, and Miller Electric has it.

      Quality Protection With Miller Helmets

      Since 1929, Miller Electric has been serving many heavy industries with a commitment to uncompromising safety and quality, in order to make sure that people do their jobs efficiently at reduced risk. It’s resulted in a wide range of products and innovations that have made jobs like welding faster and easier to do with added features and conveniences. When it comes to welding helmets, many of the things that can slow down the job are the result of the safety mechanisms built into older, less efficient equipment. Needing to remove the helmet in order to get a better view of the entire weld, or adjust the viewing area with different lenses for different tasks at different light intensities were a few of the things that could be improved, and Miller found the ways to do that.

      A Premium Helmet

      Just looking at it shows how different this 1st edition digital elite welding helmet is with its distinctive caterpillar design. But looks aside, the Miller 268618 is all about getting the job done as efficiently as possible. It includes four separate darkening modes for cutting, grinding and welding, and even has an “X Mode” that can electromagnetically detect sunlight or overhead ceiling lights and not allow the darkening features to be interfered with by those sources. The helmet comes with an aluminum heat shield for added protection, and it includes large, easy to push buttons to adjust settings so that you don’t have to remove work gloves in order to make changes. The gasket has even been built to be shock proof against drops for added durability.

      Fast Shipping

      The Miller 268618 digital elite welding helmet is a high quality, high end addition to any welder’s collection of equipment. If you know this is the helmet for you, we can ship it anywhere in the continental USA thanks to partnerships with trusted shipping companies. And when you buy it from us, we handle the shipping, free of charge.


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