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Miller 281000 Black Digital Elite ClearLight Lens Welding Helmet

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Miller 281000 Black Digital Elite ClearLight Lens Welding Helmet



Miller Digital Elite Welding Helmets have an auto darkening lens that can switch between shade 5-13. This welding helmet comes with a 3 year warranty and also has a newly designed headgear.



        • 5 outside cover lenses
        • 2 inside cover lenses
        • Helmet bag 



        ClearLight™ Lens Technology 

        • Optimizes contrast and clarity in welding and light states
        • 1/1/1/2 optical clarity rating allows for a lighter light state while not welding - keeping the helmet down - maximizing safety and productivity 


        Four Arc Sensors 

        • Four independent arc sensors provide superior lens response for obstructed or low amp welding 


        Four Operating Modes

        • Weld, cut, grind and X-Mode provide ultimate versatility 
        • X-Mode prevents sunlight from darkening the lens before welding starts and low-amperage lens opening from obstructed sensors



        • Provides extensive adjustability settings and a pivoting top for better fit and comfort


        Digital Controls

        • Easily allow welders to adjust shade, delay, and sensitivity 



        • Lens automatically turns on at the strike of an arc


        Aluminum Heat Shield

        • Protects the lens in high amperage applications


        Durable Shock-Absorbing Gasket

        • Protects lens from drop impact 


        Meets ANSI Z87.1+, CSA and CE Standards



        VIEWING AREA  9.22 sq. in (59.48 sq. cm.)
        • Cut: 5-8
        • Weld: 8-13
        • Weld
        • Cut
        • Grind
        • X-Mode
        SENSORS 4
        TIG RATING 5 amps and below
        SWITCHING SPEEDS 1/20,000 sec.
        SHELL MATERIAL Nylon
        NET WIDTH 10.25"
        NET HEIGHT 8.5"
        NET LENGTH 12"
        NET WEIGHT 18 oz. 


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        As a welder, you understand the importance of using high-quality gear and apparel to stay safe on the job and produce the best results. At Welding Outfitter, we take the safety of our customers very seriously, which is why we stock only the best products guaranteed to last. Our welding helmet selection provides welders with the comfortable protection they need for more efficient weld results. The Miller 281000 Digital Elite ClearLight Lens Welding Helmet is one of the many outstanding Miller products we carry as part of our unwavering dedication to safety and precision.

        Miller Welding Helmets: Among The Industry’s Best

        Miller Electric Mfg. Co. was founded in 1929 as a one-person operation. It expanded into what is now the biggest manufacturer of arc welding products in the world. The company’s products are designed for a wide range of industries, including construction, fabrication, manufacturing, aviation, education, motorsports, marine, and agriculture applications. Miller continues to lead the welding industry by producing innovative products that focus on safety and health.

        The Miller 281000 Digital Elite ClearLight Lens Welding Helmet is a winning example of the company’s vision and dedication to efficient production. This graphic-heavy helmet comes with an auto-darkening lens capable of switching between shades 5 through 13. It also features advanced digital controls for easy setting and mode adjustments, as well as a 9.22 square inch viewing area, four arc sensors for excellent lens response, auto on/off power triggers, and four operating modes: cut, weld, grind, and x-mode. Additional specs include a TIG rating of 5 amps and below, and sensitivity and delay controls. This 18-ounce Miller welding helmet includes a three-year warranty. You get a helmet bag, five outside cover lenses, and two inside cover lenses when you order this product. We strongly recommend ordering extra outside and inside cover lenses to save money on shipping in the future.

        Only The Best Welding Equipment On The Market

        When you order through Welding Outfitter, you can trust you are purchasing the best, top-of-the-line products for an affordable price. We combine quality with affordability to keep our welding customers’ costs low so that you can order for your entire crew without paying too much. Browse our site and you will notice many reduced prices, as well as special rebate and warranty offers.

        We make ordering our products an easy process and promise you will receive your items quickly no matter where you live in the lower 48 states. Enjoy free shipping on an order of $100 or over and expect everything to arrive damage-free. We understand the urgency that so often accompanies product orders, because who has time to wait for welding gear when they have a job to do? When you order from us, your items will arrive promptly, so you can continue with your next big project.

        Rely on us for all of your welding helmet and related gear needs. We offer a wide assortment of products for every aspect of welding, including equipment, tools, and apparel in addition to gear. What can we do for you today?

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