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  • Miller 770226 Shade 10 Auto-Darkening Lens

Miller 770961 Shade 11 Welding Helmet Auto-Darkening Lens

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Miller 770961 Shade 11 Welding Helmet Auto-Darkening Lens


  • Fits all 2 x 4 inch windows
  • Solar powered with two arc sensors
  • Light state shade 3
  • Includes Miller's True Blue Two-year warranty

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Always Protect Your Eyes

It’s ironic that one of the most essential organs humans have for doing just about everything is also one of the most delicate. The eye is an amazing piece of biological engineering, able to sense color, depth and a host of other factors. But a stray piece of debris flying at high speed, or even light that is just too bright can permanently damage these vital organs and impact every aspect of your life.
This is why, when it comes to eye protection, the skilled, experienced tradesmen take no chances. Welding is an especially hazardous activity if the right precautions aren’t taken. The extreme heat of particles from spatter can damage everything they come in contact with, while the light generated by a torch is intense enough to be blinding. That’s why eye protection is a cornerstone of Miller’s equipment for welders.

Miller’s Commitment to Safety

Miller has been an essential part of the heavy industry in America since the 1920s, and during that time, they have seen it all. Their equipment has been used in the biggest projects putting up buildings all over the country, as well as the smallest, helping farmers to cost-effectively keep their equipment in good repair so they can continue to feed America.
Because of the many different types of people that rely on welding and Miller equipment to get the job done, they’ve spared no expense when it comes to safety. Vision protection, in particular, is vital to worker safety, and Miller auto-darkening lenses play an important role in reducing the harmful glare of welding light that is guaranteed to damage eyesight without appropriate measures taken.

Essential Blindness Protection with an Auto Darkening Lens

The Miller 770961 Shade 11 welding helmet auto-darkening lens is the front line of defense when it comes to eye protection during welding activities. Auto-darkening lenses are a fantastic addition to the world of welding since it means that they can change to a clear, transparent setting when the welding is done, allowing workers to reposition the torch for the next weld without needing to lift a visor in order to get a clearer, better view.
The Miller 770961 is a quality form of eye protection that is also efficient and cost effective because it is solar powered. You don’t have to worry about this lens needing to be discarded after a short period of time just because a battery has run out; it has a great lifespan thanks to its solar technology. It is designed to fit any industry standard 2 x 4” window, working up to a light state shade 3. It also comes with the Miller True Blue guarantee so you have a bit more peace of mind knowing that Miller stands behind its product and your safety.

Low Prices, Very Fast Shipping

If you need more Miller auto-darkening lenses for your welding helmet, we can ship your order to any door located in the continental USA. You won’t wait long to get them, and you won’t have to worry about what kind of shape they’ll arrive in thanks to the alliances we have with respected, established shipping partners. If you’re looking for even more value, any order you place with us that totals over $100 has shipping and handling paid for by us. Now that’s great value!

Keep Your Helmet In Top Shape

The one thing that is synonymous with welding is the image of a skilled worker wearing a welding helmet. Once people see that helmet, with its visor and dark “viewport” everyone knows that some serious industrial work is about to take place, and it’s going to be a demanding job.

That’s because welding creates a light so bright and intense that looking at it with the naked eye will permanently blind and damage your vision. Welding helmets with proper protection are the solution to this, but today, there’s more convenience, thanks to features like lenses that are transparent until it’s time to go to work, like the Miller Shade 11 welding helmet auto-darkening lens.

Miller Is Here For You

Miller Electric is one of the older American heavy industry companies. It first started up in the 1920s, just as America’s mechanical and industrial demands started to ramp up for the economy. Over time, the company has endured a lot of challenges from the Great Depression to the Second World War, but it continued to prove its value to the American industry.

Today, the company continues to create tools and protective gear for the 21st-century skilled worker. Safety, efficiency, and comfort are still the watchwords of this company, and that can be clearly seen in the products they create. Even when it’s something like the consumables that regularly get used up during work, Miller doesn’t ease up on effort or quality. And you won’t find better evidence of this than in accessories like their shade 11 auto-darkening lens for welders.

Keeping The View Safe

The Miller Electric 770961 Shade 11 Welding Helmet Auto-Darkening Lens is designed for today’s modern welding helmets. It’s both inefficient and inconvenient to constantly have to lift up a welding helmet in order to get a clear view of the working area before starting the weld. Auto-darkening lenses like the 770961 Shade 11 mean that workers can keep their helmets firmly in place and ready to go, then “go dark” as required to protect the eyes once it’s time to start the job.

This shade 11 lens is designed to fit all 2” x 4” windows on welding helmets. For more energy efficiency, it’s also solar powered, with two arc sensors to ensure proper functioning. It’s also ready to work at light state shade 3 and is protected by Miller’s True Blue two-year warranty for a bit of extra peace of mind.

Fantastic Prices, Quick Shipping

If you could use some Miller shade 11 welding helmet auto-darkening lenses for your work, we can send this product to any door in the continental USA. Your item will arrive in very short order and, more importantly, in perfect shape, thanks to the alliances we have with trusted, professional shipping partners. For people that want to stretch their dollar, try shopping for more! Any order placed with us that totals $100 or more enjoys free shipping and handling costs for even greater value!


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