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  • Razor Weld JRW210D MIG-TIG-Stick 210 Welder

Razor Weld JRW210T MIG-TIG-Stick 210 Welder W/ TIG Torch

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Razor Weld JRW210T MIG-TIG-Stick 210 Welder


(This Model Comes With A TIG Torch)

This new RAZORWELD Welder will provide 210 amps of MIG, TIG and ARC output for you to complete your welding jobs! Ideal for the serious tradesman ,this beautifully designed and highly functional multi-system is a powerful, portable and dual voltage machine ensuring smooth and trouble free welding and backed up by a big 3 year warranty. Our Smart-set function allows you to dial in your preferred wire size and gas mixture and you are ready to start welding! The machine comes complete with Torch, Regulator, Adaptor and Arc lead set . A real workhorse with a high duty Cycle 


Razor Weld JRW210T MIG-TIG-Stick 210 Welder Features:

  • MIG/MAG with Gas and Gasless wire function
  • Excellent MIG welding with CO2 gas & mixed gas
  • Euro style MIG and TIG torch connection
  • Internal wire feeder with solid construction
  • Adjustable Burn Back
  • Spool Gun Connection
  • Stepless voltage and wire feed control
  • Wire Inch + Smart Set functionality
  • MIG, TIG AND ARC Welding machine
  • Dual voltage 115/230V
  • Hot Start - Anti Stick
  • Digital Readout
  • Solid case construction
  • IP21S rating and CSA/CAN Approved



  • Optional Spool Gun: SPGLBT200


Razor Weld JRW210T MIG-TIG-Stick 210 Welder Specs:

Razor Weld JRW210D MIG-TIG-Stick 210 Welder specs



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Razor Weld Welding

Getting a welding job done, while simple in concept, is far from simple in execution. Other jobs, such as carpentry might involve careful measurements, then just cutting wood and nailing it together. Welding has a variety of different pieces of equipment, components, and protective clothing and gear that all need to be in top condition and used appropriately in order to ensure that a job is done both safely and with good results.
Depending on the type of job you need done, and type of materials you use, welding may need different types of gases to work, or different techniques, like MIG or TIG welding. If you’re a specialist and have a preferred type of welding you can stick to, then you’ll only need a single TIG, MIG or ARC welder to get your job done. If you’re on a project with materials that require the different types of welders for different stages of the job, then you’ll either need individual welders to meet these needs, or something like Razorweld 210 Welder.

An International Alliance for Quality

Razorweld is not an old, established American brand name, but in the short time that it’s arrived on our shores, this new kid on the block has been making a reputation for itself. JASIC Technologies, which does have an office here in the United States, is the point of contact for this collaboration between companies in two different countries sharing their technology with the world.
JASIC Technologies is a fusion of Australian and Chinese industries that both worked separately in their home nations, and eventually combined forces as their interests and areas of expertise aligned so closely. Thanks to the years of experience they have in Pan-Pacific industries, this new company brings some proven concepts to the American industry, like their Razorweld 210 Welder.

RAZORWELD JRW210DT Welder is Versatile & Compact

The Razorweld JRW210DT is a MIG, TIG and ARC welder that is all rolled into one unit, putting out 210 amps. It’s a smaller, more efficient and compact design that makes it portable, but still gives you the power you need for a variety of different welds. It’s also easy to use with a smart set function built in that lets you dial in your preferred wire size or gas mixture and then just jump right in and start working.
When you get the Razorweld 210, you also get TIG torch, a regulator, adapter and ARC lead set. It’s built with a spool gun connection, dual voltage at 115/230V, stepless voltage and wire feed control, as well as adjustable burn back. You also get the security of knowing that this unit is IP21 S rated, and CSA/CAN approved. This is a powerful, portable welding solution that you’ll be glad to have.

Easy Shipping, Unbeatable Prices

If you want to add this versatile welding unit to your inventory of tools, we can have it sent to any address within the continental USA. You’ll get your unit in perfect working condition, with little waiting time thanks to the alliances we have with experienced, professional shipping partners. You won’t even have to pay for shipping and handling charges. We’ll pay that expense ourselves as our way of showing appreciation for your choice to support a proud, hardworking American business.


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