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  • Revco 438AHS 19 oz. Aluminized Carbon/Kevlar Hood w/ Front Welders Helmet (1 Helmet)

Revco 438AHS 19 oz. Aluminized Carbon/Kevlar Hood w/ Front Welders Helmet (1 Helmet)

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Revco 438AHS 19 oz. Aluminized Carbon/Kevlar Hood w/ Front Welders Helmet (1 Helmet)


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Extreme Work Needs Extreme Gear

Working in the heavy industry is all about dealing with certain, unavoidable, occupational hazards. Welding, for example, means that workers have to take up a torch that creates extreme heat in a focused area, as well as blinding light that can damage vision. Without the proper protection, even performing light welding duties can be extremely dangerous.

Then there are situations in which things become significantly more hazardous. Some jobs may create dangerous fumes that, in an enclosed space, can suffocate and injure a person. Other jobs take place in environments with extreme conditions, so that’s it’s no longer enough to make sure that only the eyes and the hands are protected. In situations like that, the Revco 438AHS 19 OZ. Aluminized Carbon/Kevlar Hood with Front Welders Helmet may be the protection that you’re looking for.

Revco Is For All Conditions

Revco is one of the comparatively young companies in the heavy industry. When Disco was alive, and well, Revco got its start, back in 1974. So it’s always been a part of the more modern approach to the heavy industry, including both techniques and attitude.

This is one of the reasons why Revco, and its Black Stallion product line, are all about making sure every worker gets good protection on the job, regardless of gender. Their product lines go through a range of different needs, from people with lighter duties to the people working in much more extreme, demanding conditions that require gear like the Revco 19 OZ. Aluminized Carbon/Kevlar Hood with Front Welders Helmet.

Heavy Duty Protection

The Revco 438AHS 19 oz. Aluminized, Carbon/Kevlar Hood With Front Welder’s Helmet is designed to give maximum protection in high heat situations. As you can tell from the name, this gear is not fooling around when it comes to flame resistant and heat reflective materials. It’s important to note, however, that the 4” x 4” viewing area is a clear Lexan with gold film, not industrial grade dimming material.

Revco welding helmets perfect for high heat situations, such as steel making, casting, and smelting, where a lot of radiant heat is in the area, rather than being focused in a small spot. The hood weighs just a little over five pounds, and, thanks to its aluminized carbon and Kevlar blend is even capable of shedding molten splash should contact occur. Keep the heat off and stay protected from the unexpected with this hooded welders helmet that is designed to keep workers safe under the harshest and hottest of industrial conditions while on the job.

Good Prices, Snappy Shipping

If the kind of work you do demands high heat protection like the Revco welding helmet with Hood, we can send this product to any address located within the continental United States. You’ll get your order in perfect condition, with a very short period of waiting thanks to alliances we have with experienced, highly respected shipping partners. You won’t have to worry about any additional charges like shipping and handling either. We’ll pay that ourselves, as a show of thanks for your choice to support a proud, hardworking American business.


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