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  • Revco 950 Black Stallion® Elkskin Stick Welding Gloves (1 Pair)

Revco 950 Black Stallion® Elkskin Stick Welding Gloves (1 Pair)

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Revco 950 Black Stallion® Elkskin Stick Welding Gloves (1 Pair)



Revco 950 Stick Welding Gloves are Premium Black Stallion Welding Gloves. These gloves are very durable.

  • Top protection with reinforced back on left glove
  • Reinforced index and thumb
  • Fully sock lined with wool
  • Specially tanned cowhide rigid cuff
  • Stitched with flame-resistant Kevlar®


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Revco 950 Black Stallion Elkskin Stick Welding Gloves

When welding, your hands are often exposed the most to heat and splatter from the welding gun. This is why quality welding gloves like the Revco 950 Black Stallion elkskin stick gloves are a necessity for any stick welder. Gloves must provide both dexterity to make it easy to lay a line and flexibility to make it possible to pick up additional materials without the need to take off the gloves.
Gloves prevent overexposure to ultraviolet radiation and intense heat that can damage your skin and hands. Most welding gloves are longer than regular gloves to provide increased protection to your forearms.

Bearing the Black Stallion Name

Black Stallion has over 43 years of experience in creating quality protective gear for a variety of industries, including welding, electrical, oil and gas, industrial and safety. Committed to quality and durability, Black Stallion ensures companies and individual users remain compliant with safety standards, and it works to create products that are both affordable and designed to last.
Because Black Stallion focuses on innovation, you'll constantly find new products added to the inventory. Affordable designs make it possible to outfit an entire company or purchase for individual use. The company also backs its products with impeccable customer service, so when you purchase Black Stallion products, you can expect them to last.

Choosing Products for Stick Welding

Stick welding is also referred to as arc welding, and it's one of the most popular forms of welding. The Revco 950 welding gloves provide adequate protection for stick welders. The reinforced backing on the left glove provides increased protection from constant exposure to heat. The gloves also have a reinforced index finger and thumb that prevent wear from holding the welding gun.
Fully lined with wool, these gloves have added insulated properties. Unlike cheap off-brands that often have cotton or polyester stitching that causes the gloves to burn and fall apart after a few uses, the Revco 950 gloves are stitched with Kevlar, which reinforces the joined areas to increase the longevity of the gloves.

Benefits of Elkskin for Personal Protection Equipment

Choosing the right leather for protection can be tricky. Cowhide can be more affordable, while elkskin is considered the top of the line in comfort, performance and feel. Elkskin tends to mold to the shape of the hand for greater dexterity, and it's resistant to hardening that frequently happens when leather is exposed to heat for an extended period of time. Softer gloves result in less fatigue. Elkskin is often the leather of choice in higher-heat welding applications, making the Revco 950 Black Stallion elkskin welding gloves ideal for stick welding.



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