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  • Revco T50 TIGster® Goatskin & FR Cotton Snug Fit TIG Glove (120 Pair)
  • Revco T50 TIGster® Goatskin & FR Cotton Snug Fit TIG Glove (120 Pair)
  • Revco T50 TIGster® Goatskin & FR Cotton Snug Fit TIG Glove (120 Pair)
  • Revco T50 TIGster® Goatskin & FR Cotton Snug Fit TIG Glove (120 Pair)
  • Revco T50 TIGster® Goatskin & FR Cotton Snug Fit TIG Glove (120 Pair)
  • Revco T50 TIGster® Goatskin & FR Cotton Snug Fit TIG Glove (120 Pair)
  • Revco T50 TIGster® Goatskin & FR Cotton Snug Fit TIG Glove (120 Pair)

Revco T50 TIGster® Goatskin & FR Cotton Snug Fit TIG Glove (120 Pair)

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Revco T50 TIGster® Goatskin & FR Cotton Snug Fit TIG Glove (120 Pair)



The NEW T50 includes enhanced finger protection, an extended cuff and an expanded size range. It is also ARC rated now, too!!


  • Premium grain goatskin palm and fingertips
  • Pinky & ring finger completely covered in goatskin 
  • Flame-resistant cotton back 
  • Flame-resistant fleece lining 
  • Extended cuff for wrist protection 
  • Seamless index finger eliminates seam rub
  • Dupont™ Kevlar® stitching throughout 

**Save Money Per Pair Of Revco Welding Gloves By Buying In Bulk**

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Protect Your Workers To Protect Your Quality

The safety of a skilled worker is not just something done out of human decency, although that’s certainly part of it. Another part is that a tradesman with a high level of skill puts out quality work, and the quality of that work is part of a company’s profit. That’s an essential part of any business equation.

For businesses to grow, they have to have the confidence of clients and customers. Quality is one of the foremost indicators of a successful company. That means that if you have good people, producing good work, you need to ensure that they are well protected to do that work. Investing in Revco TIG welding gloves in bulk is one way to do this.

Revco Protects Your People

Revco is a younger company in the welding industry. It’s only been in the business since 1974, but in a way, that youth also makes it a very modern company. They began when a lot of progress and change was already happening in the industry, and their products reflect that more modern, ever-shifting sensibility.

The range of products that Revco offers, including the Black Stallion line, is dedicated to providing top quality protection to workers of the industry. But Revco knows that workers mean both men and women, which is why this company also offers a great range of products at different sizes for different needs. The T50 TIGster welding gloves are no different.

Buy TIG Welding Gloves In Bulk

We have a special offer for businesses that are looking to maximize savings while at the same time provide quality protection. Get a great deal on Revco T50 Black Stallion® TIGster FR Snug Fit TIG Welding Gloves, 120 Pairs. When you buy bulk TIG welding gloves at that amount, you get a huge discount the price, and you’ll never have to worry about proper hand protection for many years. This will leave you and your workers set for quality coverage with the Revco Flame Resistant TIG Welding Gloves in bulk.

This welding glove is the newest iteration of Revco’s T50 Black Stallion line. Soft kidskin is combined with a snug, flame retardant cotton for a great, comfortable fit. Extra premium grain goatskin is used to provide superior dexterity and finger control. The Kevlar stitching ensures excellent protection, with spark and abrasion resistance. A DragPatch® side reinforcement creates extra coverage for the portions of the hand that are exposed to heat and other conditions with more insulation and abrasion resistance.

Timely Shipping, Smart Prices

If you and your business could benefit from a large volume of Revco T50 Black Stallion welding gloves, we can ship the best TIG welding gloves in Bulk to any address in the continental United States. The order will be sent quickly, and none of the stock will be damaged thanks to the alliances we have with experienced, knowledgeable shipping partners. You won’t even have to worry about any additional shipping and handling charges. We’ll cover that expense ourselves, as our show of appreciation for your decision to support a proud, hardworking, American business.

There’s Always Value In Safety

For many companies that operate in the heavy industry, there’s an understanding that a business has to be balanced. On the one hand, a company needs to be thrifty where it can, because if more money is spent than is made, people don’t get paid, and everyone suffers. On the other hand, not spending enough can hurt you when you need it most.

This is especially true when it comes to safety for the skilled workers earning a salary. Spending a bit more on premium products may seem extravagant at first. But, if workers can do the job better and faster, or protective gear prevents them from injuries that take them out of action, it’s worth it. Our Revco T50 Welding Gloves bundle is a great example of this.

Revco Keeps People Safe

Revco is a pretty young company by the standards of American industry. Most companies got into the business in late 19th or early 20th century, but Revco didn’t get to work until 1974. In some ways, however, that might have been an advantage. That contemporary start meant Revco had a more modern approach to the industry.

That really shows today. The Revco of the 21st century is a progressive, inclusive company that has only ever known a heavy industry that had both male and female skilled workers in it. And they’ve made their protective clothing to ensure that both genders get a comfortable fit that allows them to work without worrying about whether their protective clothing will get in the way. For businesses looking for more value, that’s where our Revco T50 glove bundle can make a big difference.

Bulk Glove Ordering for Businesses

Of course, one of the great truths of business is that more you buy, the cheaper the individual units become. That’s why, for companies that just don’t want to worry about outfitting individual skilled workers, we have this special package. We’re offering 120 pairs of the Revco T50 Black Stallion TIGster FR Snug Fit Welding Glove at a special rate.

This is a premium glove, part of the much trusted Black Stallion line. Flame resistant Kevlar stitching holds the gloves together, while premium grain goatskin, flame resistant cotton, and an exclusive drag patch provided maximum comfort and protection. For TIG welders this is a great glove and is rated at NFPA 70E, and ARC3 30 CAL safety. In bulk, this is a lot of value and a lot of safety!

Decent Prices, Speedy Shipping

If your workers could benefit from using these premium T50 Black Stallion welding gloves, we can send this bulk order to any business located in the continental USA. Your order will arrive in perfect shape, and the waiting period will be minimal thanks to the alliances we have with trusted, experienced shipping partners. You won’t even have to worry about the additional cost of shipping and handling for your order.


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