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How To Trim Walter Enduro Flex Flap Wheels

Posted on June 09 2016

Walter Trimmable Enduro Flex Flap Wheels


How can you spot when a Walter Flap Wheel is trimmable?


To see if your Walter Flap Wheel is trimmable look for the Eco-Trim mark on the Flap Wheel.  Be seeing the Eco-Trim mark you know it is okay to trim your flap disc.  There is also a “guide” on each flap disc showing where to trim the flap wheel back to.  The guide allows you to unveil 1/4” over hang at a time.


Walter Enduro Flex Flap Wheel Teaching Tool


How many times can I trim my Enduro Flex Flap Wheel?


Walter’s Flap Wheels are made to be trimmed back atleast 3 times.  This allows for maximum life out of your flap disc.  Long life flap discs mean more money in your pocket.

  • First Trim = End of the ribbed design

  • Second Trim = End of the first arrow

  • Third Trim = End of the second arrow



How do I know when I should trim my Walter Flap Wheel?


When the overhang to your Walter Enduro Flex Flap Wheel is worn off it is time to trim it back.  This is an easily identifiable thing.  As soon as you only see orange from the hard shell of the flap wheel, than it is time to start trimming.



What do I need to trim my Walter Flap Wheel?


You need a vise, a metal cutting edge, and a grinder.  Walter does have a tool to trim back the Flap Wheel which is part number 06-B-901 but a piece of metal with an edge will work just fine.

  • Step 1

    • Secure the piece of metal or enduro flex cutting tool with a vise. (You must have the sharp edge facing out)

  • Step 2

    • Turn on the grinder with the Walter Flap Wheel inside. Slowly bring the backing of the flap wheel to the sharp, cutting edge.


    • Step 3

      • Trim the flap wheel back 1/4”. When the white adhesive begins to show lower the angle of your Walter Flap Wheel



If you have any other questions on Walter Flap Wheels feel free to reach out to our online salesman Cal via phone (641-201-1352) or email (cal@hubersupply.com).  Also the video is a great tool for when you are learning how to trim back your own Walter Enduro Flex Flap Wheel.



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