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About Fibre-Metal


Fibre-Metal was formed in 1905 when its founder invented the protective welding helmet. During the ensuing years, Fibre-Metal pioneered the development of quality protective caps, faceshields and goggles with innovative designs, material and workmanship. Today, Fibre-Metal is a leading brand of Honeywell Safety Products and represents a wide array of top quality, high-performance products crafted to the highest standards for a safer, more productive workforce. 

From the beginning, Fibre-Metal earned a reputation as the quality and innovation leader among personal protective equipment manufacturers. Fibre-Metal products consistently achieve the highest user satisfaction ratings in the industry. Workers worldwide rely on the quality of Fibre-Metal products to help reduce injuries and their cost, increase productivity, improve the quality of work life and contribute to profitability.

Quality is the key to top performance. Every product Fibre-Metal makes is focused on quality – the kind of quality that results from using only the best grade raw materials, advanced product design, and the latest technology. Shop our line of Fibre-Metal welding helmets today, including the Pipeliner Welding Hood!



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