Hi-Alloy 129 1/16 Aluminum M&R Stick Welding Electrodes (5 LB)

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By Inweld


Hi-Alloy 129 1/16 Aluminum M&R Stick Welding Electrodes (5 LB)

This low temperature aluminum brazing alloy can be used on numerous aluminum base metals. It is excellent for use on thin aluminum or aluminums of unknown chemical composition. One prominent feature is that it flows similar to silver brazing alloys into tight fitting joints. Deposit will darken if anodized.




TYPICAL APPLICATIONS: This alloy can be used in the repair and manufacturing of aluminum window frames, furniture, siding, refrigeration units, instruments, etc.



PROCEDURES: Carefully clean or grind off surface oxides, maintain tight joint tolerance, adjust to a carburizing flame, apply Hi-Alloy 129 Flux in powder form or mixed with alcohol to make a usable paste, heat broadly or indirectly until the flux turns into a clear liquid then apply the 129 alloy to the joint area. Add additional rod or heat as needed to complete the procedure.



To remove flux residues immerse part in hot running or agitated water while still warm, use a stiff brush to remove stubborn residues. A 5% nitric acid solution may be used if needed.


*These Stick Electrodes Are Made In The USA*
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