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  • Harris 1001218 42-4EL-20 17" Medium Duty Straight Cutting Torch (1 Torch)

Harris 1001218 42-4EL-20 17" Medium Duty Straight Cutting Torch (1 Torch)

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Harris 1001218 42-4EL-20 17" Medium Duty Straight Cutting Torch (1 Torch)



The Model 42-4E is a medium duty straight cutting torch designed to use all fuel gases. The 42-4E is lightweight, has a solid forged head, brazed triangular tube and a solid forged brass cutting level. Easily replaceable Flashguard® check valves that prevent the reverse flow of gases for added safety. 


Harris cutting torches feature brazed connections for strength and durability. 


  • Cuts to 6"/ 152.4 mm
  • Medium Duty
  • Equal or Positive Mix Type
  • 20" Length 
  • UL® listed Certification 
  • Equipped with Flash Guard® check valves
  • 1 Year Warranty 


LENGTH 20" / 508.0 mm
WEIGHT 2.5 lbs / 1.2 kg
  • 6290
  • 6290S
  • 6290AC
  • 6290NX
  • 6290NXP
  • 6290NFF
  • Metal fabrication 
  • Shipbuilding
  • Maintenance
  • Construction 



(Model Shown in Picture is 42-4E)

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Working as a welder means you do not have time for faulty products that give out after a few tries or never work correctly in the first place. You need tools, gear, apparel, and equipment that you can depend on, which is where Welding Outfitter comes in. We provide our hardworking customers with the best welding products on the planet, all of which are from top brands we know and trust. Cutting torches are among the many products welders use on a practically daily basis and are some the many high-quality options we feature. The Harris 1001218 Model 42-4EL-20 Medium Duty Straight Cutting Torch is an exceptional tool designed to provide the results you want quickly and easily. If your current torch needs replacing or simply isn’t “cutting it” anymore (pun intended), this product is exactly what is missing from your toolkit.

Harris Cutting Torches: Among The Industry’s Best

Harris cutting torches from The Harris Products Group are some of the many outstanding tools this brand is known for. The company was founded in 2006 and quickly became a world leader in metalworking. This brand serves the welding, brazing, cutting, soldering, and gas distribution industries, and is a subsidiary of another industry-leading company, The Lincoln Electric Company.

The Harris 1001218 Model 42-4EL-20 Medium Duty Straight Cutting Torch is a lightweight tool with a solid-forged head, triangular tube design, and brazed tube connections. It is outfitted with Flash Guard check valves and cuts to 6”. This cutting torch takes a variety of fuel gases, including Oxy-propylene, Oxy-natural Gas/Methane, Oxy-acetylene/Hydrogen, and Oxy-propane/Butane. Additional specifications include a torch head angle of 90 degrees and 6290, 6290S, and 6290AC cutting tips.

This torch offers everything you need to get more from your workday.

What Makes Welding Outfitter Different From The Competition?

When you shop with us at Welding Outfitter, you are gaining access to the incredible knowledge base our team possesses. Many of us are experienced amateur and professional welders who know a poor product when we see one. Everything available through our online store has our complete confidence and a performance guarantee so you know what you are buying is worth it. We make a point of lowering our prices as much as possible to keep orders affordable for our valued customers. In addition to offering frequent sales and rebates, we provide free shipping and handling on all orders over $100. If you live anywhere in the lower 48 states, you can expect to have your high-quality product(s) reaching your doorstep quickly and without damage.

Let us help you make your work days safer, easier, and better. We take the safety of our customers extremely seriously, which is why every product we feature undergoes thorough testing to ensure it meets our (very) high-quality standards. If we don’t like a product, we aren’t going to sell it. Period.

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