Miller-Smith MBA-30510LP Medium Duty Propane Cutting Outfit

$ 603.74 $ 614.00

Miller-Smith MBA-30510LP Propane Cutting Torch Outfit


Need a reliable torch kit that provides quality cuts and great safety features? Then a Miller-Smith 30 series outfit is the oxy-propane cutting torch for you! These torches offer Smith's in tip mixing technology which lengthens torch and tip life and creates a safer torch. Torches covered by Miller-Smith 5 year warranty on torch. Regulators have a three year warranty.

Note: MBA-30300 regulator has female threads and is for a tank with male threads. Does not fit "B" and "MC" size tanks

MBA-30510 regulator has male threads and fits tanks with female threads.

Miller-Smith MBA-30510LP Outfit Inclu


  • - Cutting Attachment MC509
  • -Torch Handle W100
  • -Heating Tip MT805
  • -One Cutting Tip MC40-1
  • -Oxygen and Acetylene Regulators 30-100-540 and 30-50-510
  • -H697 Check Valves
  • -Hose 20ft x 1/4" -Safety Glasses
  • -Oxygen and Acetylene Tanks Not Included