Magswitch 8100920 MAGDRILL Disruptor 30 Magnetic Drill

$ 1,772.94

Magswitch 8100920 MAGDRILL Disruptor 30 Magnetic Drill


Magswitch has created a high quality Magnetic Drill.  The magnetic base requires no electricity for a controlled powerful hold on a wide range of steel thicknesses – thick to thin!  By combining Magswitch’s patent-pending rotating magnet technology and Euroboor’s lightest unit yet, we have created a tool that is capable of quickly and safely drilling on curved and flat surfaces.


MAGDRILL Disruptor 30 Drill Features:


  • Unique flexible features for pipes of various sizes
  • Centered drill position allows higher performance with small magnets
  • Drill tip is located closer to the magnet center which allows for equivalent tip pressure  
  • Magswitch’s powerful ‘shallow-field’ technology allows the drill to hold strong on thick or thin steel (down to 1/8”)
  •  It can be used on 3” pipe and up, inside or outside the curve
  • The base magnets can be ‘partially actuated’ in order to slide the drill into precise position

  • It is lightweight at just under 25lbs.

  • The drill cuts holes up to 1-3/16” in diameter and 2” deep

  • Standard ¾” Weldon spindle will take popular cutters


The drill comes in a steel case

  • It includes a cooling system
  • Extension adaptor
  • Pilot pin
  • Hex keys
  • Safety glasses
  • Gloves
  • Hearing protection