ArcOne AIRPLUS: AIRSHIELD headtop for PAPR system

$ 199.98
By ArcOne

ArcOne AIRPLUS: AIRSHIELD headtop for PAPR system


Combine the AirShield® with our AirPlus® PAPR System for complete respiratory protection. ArcOne’s full-coverage grinding visor exceeds expectations with its durable construction, large viewing area, sturdy headgear, quick and easy visor installation and removal.

Use the AirShield® with our Vision®, Python®, or Carrera™ ArcOne® welding helmets via optional welding helmet adapters, sold separately.

Additional Product Information

Part # Description
AP-AR-SH Respiratory AirShield
15-HG Replacement Headgear
AP-HFS-02 Face Seal for Eagle and AirShield
AP-BT-02 Long Breathing Tube without FR Cover
AP-BTC-02 Long Breathing Tube with FR Cover
AIR-WHA-10 Adapter to attach AirShield to an ArcOne welding helmet
AIR-CL AirShield Clear Replacement Visors (2-Pack)