Weldcraft WP-17 A-150 TIG Torch (1 each)

$ 100.31 $ 122.00


Weldcraft WP-17 A-150 TIG Torch 

Weldcraft TIG torches are lightweight and have many different styles to fit the job you're working on. Whether you need a flexible TIG torch or a TIG torch with a valve Weldcraft has you covered. WP17 TIG torches are rated at 150 amps and are air-cooled. This Weldcraft TIG torch is covered with Miller's True Blue 3 Year Warranty!

Weldcraft WP-17 comes with:
  • A-150 Valve Torch Body 
  • Handle
  • Rubber
  • 12.5 ft. or 25 ft. 
  • Long Back Cap