Weldcraft WP-18 W-350 Tig Torch (1 each)

$ 250.55 $ 326.00


Weldcraft WP-18 W-350 TIG Torch 

Weldcraft WP-18 Series TIG torches, also known as W-350 Series TIG Torches are rugged and made for high amperage use. This TIG torch comes in two styles, normal and valve. This W-350 TIG torch is made for continuous hand held mechanized welding applications. Weldcraft TIG torches come with Miller's True Blue 3 Year Warranty!

Weldcraft WP-18 W-350 Specs:


Weldcraft WP-18 Comes Complete With:

  • W-350 Torch Body 
  • Handle
  • Vinyl Power Cable
  • 12.5ft or 25ft 
  • Long Back Cap
  • Gas Hose
  • Water Hose