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We offer Miller, Lincoln, Revco, and Tillman Welding Gloves. If you need any type of hand protection(Stick, TIG, and MIG) then you came to the right place. Let us know if there is a certain pair you are looking for and we would be happy to get you pricing and availability.  

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Loctite 96321 Pipe Repair Kits, 6 ft X 2 in Metallic Black Tape, Epoxy Stick , Gloves (1 Kit) Quick View

Loctite 96321 Pipe Repair Kits, 6 ft X 2 in Metallic Black Tape, Epoxy Stick , Gloves (1 Kit)

$ 64.79


Loctite 96321 Pipe Repair Kits, 6 ft X 2 in Metallic Black Tape, Epoxy Stick , Gloves (1 Kit) Pipe Repair Kits, 6 ft X 2 in Metallic Black Tape, ...
Loctite 96322 Pipe Repair Kits, 12 ft X 4 in White Tape, Epoxy stick, Gloves (1 Kit) Quick View

Loctite 96322 Pipe Repair Kits, 12 ft X 4 in White Tape, Epoxy stick, Gloves (1 Kit)

$ 101.48


Loctite 96322 Pipe Repair Kits, 12 ft X 4 in White Tape, Epoxy stick, Gloves (1 Kit) Pipe Repair Kits, 12 ft X 4 in White Tape, Epoxy stick, Glov...

Wide Selection of Welding Gloves at

While hand injuries are preventable, they happen too often in the workplace. This largely due to inadequate or poor fitting hand protection. As many welders know, not all welding gloves are created equal. It’s important for each individual welder to find a pair that not only fits your hand size and shape, but also designed for the type of welding you’re doing.

At, we offer a vast selection of welding gloves to cover all types of applications that come in a variety of sizes and shapes to fit your specific needs. From stick to TIG welding, find the right glove that provides the necessary protection you need, your productivity and welding capabilities will see positive results.

Get the Proper Fit and Hand Protection

When you’re wearing gear that is not comfortable, it’s hard to resist removing them because of the discomfort. Of course, this is the number one reason why hand injuries happen when welding - many operators suffer workplace hand injuries because they were not wearing proper hand protection at the time. So not only do you have to go through recovery, but also your business suffers downtime because you’re unable to do any welding.

When shopping for new equipment, make sure to consider how they’ll perform in a specific application and ensure that they fit perfectly – hand protection that is too big or too small will hinder your welding ability, not only decreasing performance but increasing your risk of injury. Compromising your safety and comfort is not worth the risk, especially when it comes to welding.

Hundreds of Quality Gloves at Affordable Prices

We know that nothing is more important to your job than quality hand protection, so that’s why we offer hundreds of quality welding gloves at affordable pricing. Whether you’re looking for a true form fitting leather that provides the most optimal fit like the Lincoln Leather Tig Welding glove or durability and enhanced comfort that the Revco BM88 BSX® Mig Welding Gloves are known to provide, we offer the right protection for any welding application.

Hand Protection When You Need It prides itself on “first in quality and first in service” so we make sure that when we ship out your welding gloves, you’ll get it fast to any of the lower 48 states.

Welding Is About Good Handiwork

There are many things about humans and our bodies that separate us from other animals and led to our position of dominance on the planet. Our superior brain is, of course, one of the big factors that give us an imagination and ideas that push our species forward. But another evolutionary feature that gives us a big advantage is our incredibly dexterous hands.

Because we have long fingers and an opposable thumb, our hands are extremely versatile at performing a variety of tasks, from building a house to playing a moving piano concerto. Sometimes it seems like there’s almost no limit to what we can do with our hands, but that’s only as long as they’re in good working order, which is why proper hand protection is so important.

Necessary Risks

One of the biggest hazards of welding is the tool itself. A welding torch must—by design—focus an enormous amount of energy into a confined space. There’s intense, blinding light, which can be damaging to the eyes, but the more immediate threat is the heat. The welding process is hot enough to melt or cut metal, and this heat—and subsequent spatter—are right at the source, the torch itself, which is being held by a worker’s hand.

This means that the hands, out of all the parts of the body, are put in closest proximity to the damaging power of a welder. The hands must be properly protected in order to do a quality job. At the same time, however, the protection for the hand can’t be so cumbersome that it makes it difficult to hold the tools with the required comfort, precision and steadiness. This is why welding gloves are an important piece of protective equipment to ensure your safety.

Hand Protection Fit for Every Job

Different tradespeople have different hand protection needs, depending on the type and frequency of work they do. We’ve tried to anticipate this by stocking a large range of different gloves with specific goals in mind.

We’ve got brands you’re looking for too, with older, trusted names like Lincoln Electric and Miller, as well as Loctite, Tiller, and Revco. Whether you’re on a budget and just starting out, or an experienced worker that wants a premium product, we have it. Our gloves range from basic heat protection and insulation to more elaborate pairs that are waterproof for working in the wet conditions of an offshore marine facility. We also carry a variety of materials such as cowhide, pigskin, and insulated gloves in different colors to suit your needs and your taste.

Snappy Shipping, Good Prices

If you’ve picked out the welding gloves that can help you on the job, we can deliver your order to any door within the continental USA. There will be little waiting time, and no worries about the condition of the goods thanks to the alliances we have with professional, efficient shipping partners. If you want to get more for your money, try ordering more items from us. Any order that totals $100 or more has no shipping and handling charges applied. It’s our show of thanks for your support of a proud American business.



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