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  • Miller 281004 Vintage Roadster Digital Elite ClearLight Lens Welding Helmet
  • Miller 281004 Vintage Roadster Digital Elite ClearLight Lens Welding Helmet

Miller 281004 Vintage Roadster Digital Elite ClearLight Lens Welding Helmet

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Miller 281004 Vintage Roadster Digital Elite ClearLight Lens Welding Helmet

Miller 281004 Vintage Roadster Digital Elite ClearLight Lens Welding Helmet 


Miller Digital Elite Welding Helmets have an auto darkening lens that can switch between shade 5-13. This welding helmet comes with a 3 year warranty and also has a newly designed headgear.




  • 5 outside cover lenses
  • 2 inside cover lenses
  • Helmet bag 



ClearLight™ Lens Technology 

  • Optimizes contrast and clarity in welding and light states
  • 1/1/1/2 optical clarity rating allows for a lighter light state while not welding - keeping the helmet down - maximizing safety and productivity 


For Arc Sensors 

  • Four independent arc sensors provide superior lens response for obstructed or low amp welding 


Four Operating Modes

  • Weld, cut, grind and X-Mode provide ultimate versatility 
  • X-Mode prevents sunlight from darkening the lens before welding starts and low-amperage lens opening from obstructed sensors



  • Provides extensive adjustability settings and a pivoting top for better fit and comfort


Digital Controls

  • Easily allow welders to adjust shade, delay, and sensitivity 



  • Lens automatically turns on at the strike of an arc


Aluminum Heat Shield

  • Protects the lens in high amperage applications


Durable Shock-Absorbing Gasket

  • Protects lens from drop impact 


Meets ANSI Z87.1+, CSA and CE Standards



VIEWING AREA  9.22 sq. in (59.48 sq. cm.)
  • Cut: 5-8
  • Weld: 8-13
  • Weld
  • Cut
  • Grind
  • X-Mode
TIG RATING 5 amps and below
SWITCHING SPEEDS 1/20,000 sec.
NET WIDTH 10.25"
NET WEIGHT 18 oz. 


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The Miller 281004 Vintage Roadster Digital Elite Welding Helmet

Considered one of the top welding helmets in the Miller lineup, the 281004 Vintage Roadster helmet has an array of features that welders look for most.
Unlike some of the cheaper brands of helmets, the Miller Roadster has four sensors that detect light in all directions, helping to keep the unit dimmed to prevent eye injury. It's also perfectly balanced to eliminate pressure points on the head, reducing worker fatigue and strained muscles after long hours of wear. This welding helmet comes with a helmet bag so you can store and transport it securely to prevent damage when it’s not in use, and it includes a three-year warranty.

Choosing the Miller Brand for Protection

The Miller Electric Manufacturing Company is one of the most trusted brands in welding. Designed by welders for welders, each product focuses on quality, durability and innovation. Not only does Miller make welding helmets, the company also manufactures a line of apparel, guns and torches, feeding equipment and welders, so you can completely outfit your workshop with Miller products.
Leading the industry for over 85 years, Miller is headquartered in Appleton, Wisconsin, with distribution centers across the globe. What started as a solo operation is now one of the leading manufacturers in arc welding supplies internationally.

Understanding the ClearLight Lens Technology

The ClearLight Lens is a technology by Miller that lets more colors of the light spectrum come through the viewing area. The result is more accurate tones when you're welding. Cheaper helmets often have a blue or yellow tint that can cause eye fatigue over time and result in decreased clarity and contrast, which can make it hard to create precise welds.
The ClearLight Lens technology keeps the field of vision brighter when the welder isn’t striking an arc. This allows you to see more of your surroundings throughout the entire process. Increased clarity also encourages you to keep your helmet down between welds, preventing eye injuries.

Factors to Look for in a Welding Helmet

One of the first things to look for in a welding helmet is the size of the viewing area. It should be adequate enough that you have a clear view of your welding bench and your surroundings. It should also have a safety rating that meets industry standards. All of Miller's equipment, like the Miller 281004 Vintage Roadster Digital Elite welding helmet, keeps you compliant with those standards.
Another factor to consider is the shade numbers on the lens. This refers to the helmet's ability to block out harmful infrared and UV rays from welding. The 281004 helmet has the ability to switch between shades 5 through 10, which keeps you fully protected.

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