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Miller Digital Infinity™ Welding Helmet Features


The Miller Digital Infinity™ Auto Darkening Welding Helmets have some great features on them.  The first thing you notice when you see these Miller Welding Helmets for the first time is the large lens on them.  They come with a 13.4 SQ. Inch viewing window which is the largest in the industry.  There are also a lot of great features on the Miller Digital Infinity™ Welding Helmets like InfoTrack™, pivot headgear, digital display, four operating modes and a 3 year warranty. 


1. Miller Digital Infinity™ - InfoTrack™

InfoTrack™ is an exclusive technology to Miller Digital Infinity™ Welding Helmets.  This feature allows you to track arc time while you weld.  It also keeps track of the time and has a timer.  The InfoTrack™ feature isn't necessary to have while welding of course but it does add some value to the new Digital Infinity™ Welding Helmets.


2. Miller Digital Infinity™ - Pivot Head Gear

The pivot head gear has changed on the Digital Infinity™ Welding Helmets.  The Digital Infinity™ comes with a large back pad which results in optimum comfort.  The back pad is larger so it fits the back of your head a little better and also feels like a more secure hold.  If the back pad gets dirty or worn that's ok, there is replacement pads that you can buy to switch it out.

miller digital infinity welding helmet headgear


3. Miller Digital Infinity™ - Digital Display

The digital display on the Miller Digital Infinity™ Welding Helmets is not a new feature to Miller Auto Darkening Welding Helmets but still needs to be talked about.  The digital display on these Miller Welding Helmets allow you to easily control the shades, sensitivity, and now keep track of arc time with InfoTrack™ which was previously mentioned in this post.  The digital control is a nice feature contrary to the analog displays in most welding helmets.

miller digital infinity welding helmet display 

4. Miller Digital Infinity™ - Four Operating Modes

Miller Digital Infinity™ Welding Helmets have four operating modes; grind mode, cutting mode, welding mode, and x-mode.  Grind mode is shade 3, this allows you to not have to switch from your Miller Infinity™ Welding Helmet to put on a face shield.  Cutting mode gives the operator the ability to switch from shades 5 thru 8 and welding mode allows the operator to switch from shade 9 thru 13.  So what is x-mode?  X-mode is a feature on the Digital Infinity™ Welding Helmets that helps block out sunlight interference.  It allows the helmet to electromagnetically sense your arc.  This means that your auto darkening lens with darken when you actually want it to.  This is a great feature for anyone that works outside.


5. Miller Digital Infinity™ - 3 Year Warranty

3 years is a long time.  The Miller Digital Infinity™ Welding Helmet comes with a 3 year warranty, if anything goes wrong with the lens contact any Miller Electric distributor and they will be able to get you all fixed up. 

 miller digital infinity welding helmets 3 year warranty


Miller Digital Infinity™ Welding Helmets Videos:

Miller 271329 Black Digital Infinity™ Welding Helmet

 Miller 271330 Stars & Stripes Digital Infinty™ Welding Helmet

Miller 271331 Camouflage Digital Infinity™ Welding Helmet

 Miller 271332 Departed Digital Infinity™ Welding Helmets




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