New Black Ops™ Edition Digital Infinity Welding Helmet


Miller Electric has just released a new style of Digital Infinity™ Welding Helmet called the Black Ops™.  It still comes with the same features as the other Miller Digital Infinity™ Welding Helmets but it comes with a different graphic.  As you can see from the picture below the Black Ops Digital Infinity™ has a flat black background and has some blue and yellow design.  It comes with the largest auto darkening welding lens in the industry and also InfoTrack™.   InfoTrack™ is a neat feature which allows you to track arc time.  It comes with a digital readout to make it easy to set your Miller Auto Darkening Helmet to the right shade, sensitivity, and delay.  Miller Digital Infinity™ Welding Helmets come with some great features and now come in Black, Camo, Stars & Stripes, and Departed.



To check out the product page on our website for the Miller Black Ops™ click on the link


Miller Black Ops™ Digital Infinity Welding Helmet product page

Miller 271333 Black Ops Digital Infinity Welding Helmet photo

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