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  • Profax PX160 Stick/TIG Welder
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Profax PX160 Stick Welder/TIG Welder

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Profax PX160 Stick/TIG Welder


The Profax PX160 Stick/TIG Welder is a portable and convenient machine to get the job done, no matter where the job may be. Feel safe putting this machine to the test for yourself with its 3 Year Warranty.


Profax PX160 Stick/TIG Welder Features:


  • STICK and DC TIG welding
  • Compact & lightweight
  • Carry handle and shoulder strap make the unit easily portable
  • Operates on either 115 or 230 Volts AC
  • Thermal overload protection


  • 115V Output: 120 Amp @ 25 VDC / 40% Duty Cycle
  • 230V Output: 160 Amp @ 26.4 VDC / 40% Duty Cycle
  • 115V Amperage Range: 20 - 120 Amps
  • 230V Amperage Range: 15 - 160 Amps
  • Maximum OVC: 85
  • Net Weight: 13.1 lbs
  • 3 Year Warranty through Profax


Profax PX160 Stick/TIG Welder Includes:


  • 12 ft. weld lead with Lenco electrode holder and Dinse style connector
  • 10 ft. lead with Lenco ground clamp and Sinse style connector
  • 10 ft. power cord
  • 230V to 120V power adapter
  • Lenco Connector (PX-917-P160)
  • Lenco Gas Hose (LGH-96RH)
  • Flowmeter/Regulator (PXRF1430-580)
  • Profax PX160-TIG-KIT
  • Tig torch
  • TIG Accessory Kit (PXAK-2)

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Profax PX160 Welding Goes To A Lot Of Different Places

The usefulness of welding can’t be denied. When you’ve got some of the hardest materials on Earth, like steel, that need to be cut, or even joined together to make a component stronger, welding is the technique that can do it. Because of just how useful welding is, that means that it needs to work in a lot of places, which can be a challenge in and of itself.
In some cases, welding needs are easy. If you’re working in a shop, a fabrication plant, or some other indoor facility with controlled climate, dry spaces and plenty of access to electrical power, just about any kind of welding can be done. In other cases, welding that needs to be done on a part of a pipeline in a rural area, or fighting against the elements offshore, and that means reliability and portability are essential. That’s where tools like the Profax PX 160 come in.

Profax Welding With Texan Pride

Profax isn’t the oldest name on the block, having only gotten into the business in the late 1960s, but this Texas company has proven that age doesn’t mean anything if you’ve got the right idea, and the right work ethic. The Profax name quickly grew within Texas to be synonymous with quality and attentive customer service. It didn’t take long for that reputation to spread past state lines.
These days, Profax is a company with a well-earned national reputation for reliable products in MIG, TIG, submerged arc, plasma, arc gouging torches and consumables. They produce a range of original Profax equipment, as well as accessories and consumables for other brands. Profax is just another great American success story for what can happen when you care about results and your customers, and the PX 160 is just one more way that Profax proves this.

Affordable Quality Stick Welder & TIG Welder

The Profax PX160 is a Stick (SMAW) and DC TIG (GTAW) welder that is aimed at portability, reliability and power. The unit is small enough to be easily carried with its built-in handle, or with a shoulder strap, and weighs just a little over 13 lbs, a very light weight that lends itself well to going wherever the work is. The P160 operates on either 115 or 230 volts AC, and comes with a 240 to 120V adaptor if that’s required.
For added safety and security, the PX160 comes with thermal overload protection built in, as well as a three-year warranty to give users more peace of mind. It also comes with a 10’ weld lead with a Lenco ground clamp and Dinse Style connector, as well as a 12’ weld lead with Lenco electrode holder and Dinse Style connector. There’s an optional TIG package available for people that want this as well.

Expedited Shipping, Low Prices

The Profax PX160 may be just the thing you need for your portable work, and if so, we can ship straight to any door in the continental United States. You’ll get it in pristine condition, with little waiting time thanks to the alliances we have with experienced, reputable shipping partners. And don’t worry about the shipping handling costs. There’s no charge to you, as our way of showing our thanks for your choice to support a proud, hardworking, American business.


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