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  • Ace 73-201-95 Portable Fume Extractor

Ace 73-201-95 Portable Fume Extractor, 95/190 CFM

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Ace 73-201-95 Portable Fume Extractor, 95/190 CFM


Ace Portable Fume Extractors are great for any weld shop or garage warrior that needs a way to filter harmful fumes out of the air.  Ace 73-201-95 Portable Fume Extractor is great for use during the fall and summer months when the doors have to shut.

Two Speed Capability for Maintenance and Light Duty Production Welding and Soldering

Ace 73-201-95 Portable Fume Extractor Features:

  • 95/190 CFM high vacuum fume extraction and filter capacity
  • Designed for field and bench work, this unit is lightweght, portable, and easy to use
  • Unit accomodates 9 different filtering combinations for maximum flexibility in all types of applications
  • 73-201-95: 95% efficiency filter included for general welding fume protection
  • Built in spark trap for fire safety
  • LED filter status light alerts operator to the need for filter change
  • Includes 10 foot extraction hose (extra lengths can be added) with flexible nozzle assembly
  • Also includes magnetic support base for hands free operation
  • May be direct connected to MIG extraction gun with optional adapter
  • Optional two-operator adapter increases use and flexibility
  • Heavy Duty steel cabinet will withstand rugged daily use
  • UL Listed
  • Made in USA
  • 7-14 Amp, 120 Volt, 60 HZ, Single Phase
  • Dimensions: 24″L x 17″H x 12″W
  • Weight: 58 pounds (with filters installed)



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Welding Safety Also Includes Extracting Fumes

The first image that comes to mind when most people think about welding is the safety helmet. A visor protecting a tradesman’s eyes from the incredible amounts of light generated by a torch is now one of the iconic images that people associate with industry. And there’s a good reason for that. As useful as welding is, it bring with it a lot of unavoidable side-effects.
The light of a welding torch is one of the most obvious by-products of using a welder on denser materials like steel and iron. Heat is another effect that requires protection, as well as “spatter” which is the residue that falls away from the area of work and can burn exposed skin. But one other area that needs consideration is air, and there’s an Ace Industrial Products solution for that too.

Ace Is Here For You

Ace Industrial Products is not as old as some of the companies that have been working with the American heavy industry. They’ve been in business since 1967, but they’ve grown from a small family business to a large, successful family business that still shares the same family and American values they had during their humble start. That’s why they’re still based in St. Louis, Missouri, and that’s why their products are made in America, by Americans, for Americans.
One of the products Ace produces protects skilled tradesmen from the dangers of fumes and particles. Fume extractors are one more piece of equipment that can sometimes mean the difference between working safely and contracting a life-long chronic illness. Ace has an effective, portable solution available for people that need to work and move around.

Keep the Air Safe & Clean with a Portable Fume Extractor

With metal vaporizing under the tremendous heat of a welding torch, that vapor may, depending on the substance, dimensions of the work area, and air circulation, be extremely harmful to workers. At best, some fumes and particles can be minor lung irritants, but at worst, they can cause chronic nerve disorders or even cancer. The Ace 73-201-95 portable fume extractor is an ideal solution.
It’s light enough to be easily moved to any area of a shop or other worksite, and small enough that it be easily set up with room to work. It’s especially useful for shops that normally have doors open during warmer seasons of the year, but lose that free air circulation during the colder months. For MIG welders, an optional adapter is available for direct connection with an extraction gun, and the magnetic support base is ideal for hands-free operation. The unit is made with a heavy-duty steel cabinet to handle any shocks and bumps and offers 95% efficiency protection against fumes.

Good Prices, Quick Shipping

To add the Ace 73-201-95 to your collection of safety and protection measures, just place your order with us, and we’ll deliver it to any address within the continental USA. The wait will be short, and the condition will be perfect thanks to alliances we have with reputable, established shipping partners. There’s no charge on the delivery either; we pay that ourselves as our show of appreciation for your support of American businesses and American products.


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