ArcOne BG-FF-5 Black Browguard w/ IR5 Flip-Front for Cutting/Brazing

$ 56.63
By ArcOne

ArcOne BG-FF-5 Black Browguard w/ IR5 Flip-Front for Cutting/Brazing



ArcOne® browguards and visors provide full face and eye protection against sparks, spatter, small particles and non-hazardous liquids. Made for most work applications including grinding, cutting, brazing and machining. Browguards offer a sleek, wrap around design that can be worn comfortably with impact resistant safety glasses. Available in polycarbonate dark green, clear, IR3 and IR5. Meets ANSI Z87.1 standards. 

 The BG-FF-5 is a state of the art browguard/visor combination. Shade 5 flip-up designed for use with cutting and brazing. Low cost visor replacements unlike other brands costing much more. High quality molded visors for strength and durability. Full coverage browguard protects the top of your head.

  • IR5 Flip Front for Cutting/Brazing 


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