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  • cci-92098802-twist-lock-extension-cord,-100-ft,-1-outlet

CCI 09209 Twist Lock Extension Cord, 100 ft, 1 Outlet (1 Each)

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CCI 09209 Twist Lock Extension Cord, 100 ft, 1 Outlet (1 Each)

Twist Lock Extension Cord, 100 ft, 1 Outlet

CCI 09209 Twist Lock Extension Cord, 100 ft, 1 Outlet Features:


  • For use in construction and industrial environments where extra protection is needed


  • Molded plugs and heavy duty strain relief prolongs the life of the cord


  • Twist Lock cords for the West Coast Market

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    Power Always Matters With CCI Extension Cords

    There have been a lot of technological advances in the heavy industry. As mechanical experts, engineers and even scientists and computer experts expand their knowledge, this has trickled down to major industries with new tools and techniques that improve the ways people work in a variety of different areas, from efficiency to scope and scale.

    But one thing that has remained a constant over the decades of advancement is that the more powerful tools and techniques still require one thing in order to work; energy. There will always be the old fashioned solution of using human strength to pound a nail into wood, but when it comes to operating something like a welder, a drill, or any other heavy industrial tool, you’ll need to deliver power to that tool in some capacity to get it to work. That’s where Coleman Cable comes in.

    Setting Standards In Electrical Delivery

    Coleman Cable Inc., or CCI, has over 40 years of experience in the industry, divided into four major categories; industrial, electronic, assembled and copper fabrication. Over the years they have diversified their lines and products to cover a huge range of different areas. They know that power is critical to many modern operations, and provide it in a lot of different ways, from traditional power cords to solar panels that generate electricity.

    Today, CCI has its corporate headquarters in Waukegan Illinois, with manufacturing and distribution centers in many parts of the USA, as well as Canada and China. They focus on design and production of their many different products, with an eye towards making work a safer, more efficient experience through the use of their products.

    CCI Twist Lock Extension Cords for Reliable Power

    The vast majority of high power tools in the typical tradesman’s arsenal will have a requirement for electrical power. In some cases, this is taken care of through batteries attached to the tool itself. In other cases, you’ll need either access to an electrical supply provided by the town or city, or, in more remote areas, a generator operated by fuel. In some of these instances, you may need a cable capable of carrying an electrical current that has the reach you need to get to the power source.

    The CCI twist lock extension cord is a 100 ft., single outlet cord that has been built with durability in mind. It’s great for construction or industrial environments that require a tougher cable to withstand the harsher conditions. This cord is built with a twist lock cords that also make it suitable for the west coast market. The molded plugs and heavy duty strain relief help to significantly prolong the lifespan of the cord, making it something you can rely on to get the job done.

    Fair Prices, Responsive Shipping

    If you’ve decided it would be good to have a CCI extension cord for your power supply needs, then we can deliver that order to any door in the continental USA. It’ll arrive safely, untouched, unharmed and ready to go, and you won’t wait long for delivery thanks to the alliances we have with reputable, professional shipping partners. You won’t even have to pay the charges for shipping and handling. That’s on us as a show of appreciation for your decision to support a hardworking, proudly American business.


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