• Dynabrade 48503 2" (51 mm) Dia. 7 Degree Offset Disc Sander (Replaces 52503)

Dynabrade 48503 2" (51 mm) Dia. 7 Degree Offset Disc Sander (Replaces 52503)

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Dynabrade 48503 2" (51 mm) Dia. 7 Degree Offset Disc Sander (Replaces 52503)

  • .4 hp

  • 25,000 RPM

  • Gearless

  • Rear Exhaust

  • Locking-Type Female Pad

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    Sanding with Power

    Welding is an essential part of the industrial sector, but it’s far from the only process that is needed to see a job to completion. In many cases, joining or cutting components is actually just the start of a very long process before a job can be considered complete. Putting a final touch on those parts is often important, and not just for aesthetic reasons.

    In certain industries, such as food preparation, or medical equipment, for example, things need to be smooth and featureless for issues of safety, health, and sanitation. Even when it comes to working with wood, a smooth finish is often required, getting rid of the rough patches and imperfections that can translate to a lower quality job. That’s why Dynabrade created the 7 Degree Offset Disc Sander.

    Always About The Finish

    Dynabrade was founded by Walter Welsch back in 1969. However, it made a lot of progress in a very short amount of time, and now has offices in different parts of the world. Throughout these years, Welsch continued to steer the ship of his company to success, and only handed the reigns over to new blood when he was past the age of 90!

    Dynabrade gets its name from a combination of the words “Dyn” for power, and “abrade” which roughly, means wearing down or rubbing away through friction. That’s a pretty accurate name for a company that provides a wealth of tools—both powered and not—designed to sand, smooth, polish, and otherwise finish jobs to get them ready to fulfill their function. And that’s why the Dynabrade 7 Degree Offset Disc Sander is such a great addition.

    Small & Easy

    The Dynabrade 2" Diameter Disc Sander, 7 Degree Offset Disc Sander replaces the 52503 model but provides the same great ease of use and convenience. When you need to sand something down, but don’t have the luxury of applying small pieces to large, stationary sanding disc, you really enjoy the convenience of this hand-held model.

    This Dynabrade Disc Sander has been offset by 7 degrees, which allows the user both a greater sense of comfort, as well as increased control. It includes a 51344 locking-type pad that is 2” in diameter and features a standard muffler for a more compact design. This off-set disc sander is a gearless, rear exhaust model that moves at 25000 rpm, and 0.4 hp, so it packs surprising power in a compact package.

    Low Prices, Prompt Shipping

    If you’d like to start using the Dynabrade 2-inch 51 Mm Diameter 7 Degree Offset Disc for the work you do, we can send this item to any door in the continental USA. You won’t have to worry about the condition, and you won’t wait long thanks to the alliances we have with professional, experienced shipping partners. You won’t even have to pay any additional shipping and handling charges. We’ll pick up the tab on that, as a show of appreciation for your support of a proud American business.


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