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  • ESAB ET 201i DC Stick/TIG Welder
  • ESAB ET 201i DC Stick/TIG Welder

ESAB ET 201i DC Stick/TIG Welder

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ESAB ET 201i DC Stick/TIG Welder


The ET 201i DC Stick/TIG welder is an excellent dual voltage machine. With the ability to run two processes (TIG and Stick) and multiple functions within the TIG spectrum, this welder will become the hero for your work, no matter if that's at home in the shop or out on the job site.


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The Right ESAB Rebel EMP 215ic Is Important

There are a lot of different uses for welding in the heavy industry, but welding itself is not confined to simply one type of tool, or one type of technique. In the same way that different drills or screwdrivers are appropriate for different types of jobs, there’s going to be one kind of welder you need to get the best results possible from a particular job.
In some cases, the kind of welder best suited for a task is determined by the scale of the job. A farmer doing some work on the fields might be fine with a smaller, acetylene welder. On the other hand, someone working in the construction of ships will need another type of welder entirely. The materials that are being worked on also play a major role in determining which welder is appropriate. Working steel is not the same as working with aluminum, and it’s these different demands that require a range of industrial grade responses. ESAB’s Rebel EMP 215ic is the answer for MIG and TIG welders.

100 Years Of Swedish Quality From ESAB

The story of ESAB is the story of a Swedish man named Oscar Kjellberg, who, in 1904, advanced the entire industry of welding with his invention, the coated welding electrode. It was the first time that a technological improvement not only sped up the welding process, it improved the quality of welds as well.
Because of that innovation, Elektrista Svetsnings-Aktiebolaget, or ESAB, was born. And over a century later, it’s now a large, innovative multi-national corporation that has allied and merged with numerous other companies to create products dedicated to cost efficiency, safety and better work. Those results come through in the wide variety of products they create, for the largest industrial projects right down to the welder working in a shop and needing a versatile solution that can take the abuse.

ESAB 0558102240 Rebel: Versatile & Durable

The ESAB 0558102240 Rebel EMP 215ic is a dual voltage welder that can handle your Stick, MIG and TIG needs. One important point is that this is a DC TIG only welder, it won’t handle TIG aluminum jobs. That aside, with so many different welding options, it can take on mild steel, stainless steel and other materials with different power settings.
The Rebel EMP 215ic is not just versatile, it’s also tough. It’s built with a five-handle roll cage and a durable design that lets it keep up with the demands of harsher working conditions beyond a shop or fabrication facility. It’s also got new, convenient features, such as sMIG or “Smart MIG” technology that assists MIG welders by monitoring the welding and then providing a stable arc to make it easier to create repeatable welds. Even the interface is user friendly, large, bright and easy to read and make use of.

Reliable Shipping, Good Prices

If you’d like to make use of the Rebel EMP 215ic for your work and projects, we can send this unit out to any address in the continental United States. It will arrive in perfect, working order, with minimal wait times thanks to the alliances we have with established, experienced shipping partners. You don’t even have to worry about paying for shipping and handling. That’s on us, as our way of showing our appreciation for your decision to give support to an honest, proud American business.


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