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  • Fibre Metal 110P White Pipeliner Welding Helmet

Fibre Metal 110P White Pipeliner Welding Helmet

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Fibre Metal 110P White Pipeliner Welding Helmet


Molded from SuperGlas Plus,™ a material formulated for lightweight and strength, Pipeliner™ provides everything pipe welders need in a helmet to be safe and productive under the harshest welding conditions. Impervious to moisture, impact resistant Pipeliners™ will not crack, chip or split. Compact design allows access to areas where there is no room for a standard helmet. Comfortable, functional headgear uses a constant-fit rubber headband for frequent re-adjustments as pipe welders move about their work. Ratchet headgear for use where space limitations are not as severe is also available (FIBRE METAL 1CR). 


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Welding Should Be For Everyone

When we look at and talk about the heavy industry, we usually think of America’s greatest accomplishments, like people constructing buildings, ships, even spacecraft. And while it’s true that the heavy industry and its associated activities are essential for these kinds of tasks, that doesn’t mean that they’re only tasks the industry is good for.
The tools of the heavy industry can—and should—be used by anyone that wants to do quality work. That means that a wide range of equipment should be made available to anyone of any budget or preference. It’s important to have high-end gear with all the latest features for convenience and protection, especially for people working at a commercial-industrial level. But for someone working in a small shop, on a farm, or even on a personal project, a top-end, premium product shouldn’t be the only choice. Honeywell understands that.

Honeywell Makes Safety Accessible

Honeywell is an American company that’s been around for over 125 years, having started as a regulator of furnaces back in Minneapolis in 1886. Over those decades they have branched out to many other industries, including welding, and have helped to bring many new brands to the market that have made a difference in the working life of tradesmen around the country.
Fibre-Metal is one of the oldest safety lines in the Honeywell catalog, and, like the company itself, has over 100 years of experience in protecting skilled workers. The Fibre-Metal line has always been focused on welders and the demanding needs they have for safety. These products cover a big range of different welding needs, and while needs of commercial, large-scale industries are addressed, Fibre-Metal hasn’t forgotten about the individuals working the frontlines of smaller operations, or even people doing personal work.

Affordable Safety With a Fibre Metal 110P Welding Helmet

The Fibre-Metal 110P White Pipeliner helmet is the perfect piece of headgear for—as the name implies—people that are working on pipes, or even people that are looking for good value with a more basic helmet that is smaller, comfortable, but not more expensive than other products. Because of the demands of pipeline work, this helmet has been deliberately designed to take up less space, and make it easier for people wearing the helmet to still gain access to areas they need to without the helmet getting in the way.
The 110P is very light, but incredibly durable, being chip, split and crack resistant. It’s also configurable, so if you’d like to use an auto-darkening lens instead of the standard traditional lens the 110P comes included with, it’s easy enough to switch out. This way you can eliminate even the need to life the helmet and get a better look at repositioning a torch for the next weld.

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