Hi-Alloy 35 3/32 Aluminum M&R Stick Welding Electrodes (5 LB)

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Hi-Alloy 35 3/32 Aluminum M&R Stick Welding Electrodes (5 LB)

Hi-Alloy 35 is one of the most versatile extruded aluminum alloys available. The special “Dual Action Flux” insures usability on all weldable grades of aluminum. This special flux allows Hi-Alloy 35 to be used for both arc welding and gas brazing. Its highly active laboratory clean ingredients eliminate aluminum oxide and help control spatter, smoke, and arc stability.




TYPICAL APPLICATIONS: Aluminum truck and automobile components, ornamental aluminum parts, aluminum ladders, pipe, plate, and castings, aluminum door, window, and sign frames, and aluminum irrigation lines.



PROCEDURES: The aluminum work piece should not be contaminated with iron, rust, oil or grease. Use clean cutting tools, fast cut grinding wheels, or a clean stainless steel brush to prepare the weld area. Preheat parts over 1/8” thick to 400º F prior to welding. Hold the electrode at a 90º angle to the base metal, maintain a short arc length and move rapidly, remove slag between passes. When brazing with Hi-Alloy 35 set your torch to a carbonizing flame and carbonize the work piece, re-adjust to a neutral flame and heat the part broadly or indirectly until the carbon residues begin to fade then apply the 35 alloy. Use hot water and a stainless steel brush to remove flux residues.


*These Stick Electrodes Are Made In The USA*
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